Kiev expecting “defensive” weapons from US


July 14, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Sputnik France, translated by Tom Winter –

“Porochenko unveils some details of US arms delivery to Kiev”

Kiev is expecting a delivery of defensive weapons from the United States before the end of the current fiscal year, Ukrainian President Piotr Poroshenko told Ukrainian television. He also added that it was not, at the moment, a question of lethal weapons.

Ukrainian President Piotr Poroshenko unveiled details of the delivery of US arms to Kiev. According to him, this issue has already been discussed with the Pentagon and the Trump administration during his visit to Washington. 

Kiev intends to obtain defensive weapons towards the end of the current fiscal year, he added, noting that lethal weapons would not be provided.

“As far as defensive agreements are concerned, today we have a text almost adopted. We are expecting, in two or three months, a visit by the US Secretary of Defense in Ukraine, and during this visit I hope that an agreement will be signed.

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“I point out that this does not stop the process of delivering weapons to Ukraine, we are talking about terminology, defensive weapons, not to mention lethal weapons, because that is what we have made a priority and the process of providing defensive weapons is very, very active,” said Poroshenko on television.

In early May, the US Senate approved the draft federal budget until September 30, 2017, which provides that the United States will continue to provide financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of nearly $ 410 million (367 Million), including military support.

Many senior officials from Russia and Europe, including the new German President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, have spoken out against arms deliveries to Ukraine on several occasions, stressing that such a policy would only lead to an escalation of the conflict in the Donbass. 

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