Maduro to Federica Mogherini “You got the wrong country!”


July 28, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– VTV.Ve, translated from Spanish by Tom Winter –

Caracas, July 17, 2017.- “Today Federica Mogherini, main foreign minister of the European Union (EU) dared give orders to the Government of Venezuela. Insolent! 

What do you think, that we are in 1809, when we got our orders from the European empires? Venezuela is a free, sovereign country and nobody gives us orders! In Venezuela, we have regard for Venezuelan men, and Venezuelan women. Federica, you got the wrong country. Venezuela is not a colony of the European Union!”

Thus the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, made clear response to the arrogant interference of the European official who claims that Venezuelans do not vote in the elections to elect the deputies and deputies that will be part of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) on Sunday, July 30.

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“With strategy and machete we take on the armies of Federica Mogherini — the armies of the European threats. We take them out with strategy and machete, compadre, as we went to Ayacucho* to remove them. This time it will be with votes of the people,” he added in the Palace of Miraflores, from where he presided over a Cabinet of Government Street.

The head of State warned that the process Constituent Process in March that seeks peace in Venezuela, has now acquired the characteristic of defending the independence of the country. “A Constituent Assembly is for national independence,” he said.

He called on Venezuelans to continue demonstrating awareness and mobilization like this Sunday during the Constitutional Rehearsal, to face this pretension of world empires.

“Now, in addition to Peace, it is a Constituent Assembly for independence, sovereignty and national dignity, so I proclaim it … and let Europe say what it wants. We do not care what Europe says. We care about this land, our dignity, land of the liberators of America!” he concluded.
*Ayacucho: The Battle of Ayacucho marked the end of Spain’s rule in South America.

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