Modern Iraq is clear: Russian presence means stability and progress


July 25th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– Op-ed by Joaquin Flores, for FRN –

Today’s news of course comes as no surprise. Iraqi VP Maliki, after meeting with Speaker of the upper house of the Russian parliament Valentina Matvienko in Moscow, declared that more Russian presence in Iraq would be a good thing. As Sputnik earlier today quoted Maliki – 

“It is known that Russia has historically strong relations with Iraq. So, we would like Russia to have a substantial presence in our country, politically and militarily. This way, a balance would be established that would benefit the region, its peoples and its countries,” 

What’s one good tell-tale sign that Maliki’s statements are a reflection of Iraq’s real historical and material interests? Well, the process that created the government that Maliki represents was partly, and by partly we mean by and large, created by the United States during its violent and bloody occupation – which still continues, even if ‘limited’ to the Green Zone (and ‘ISIS’ controlled areas!). 

If anything, we’d be reasonable in putting together that this process was designed to produce a basically US tolerant government. And to some extent, it has been. That is, at least, until the ISIS project to dismantle the Iraqi state went into full gear. It’s this process that brought post-war Iraq closer to both Iran and Russia – in the case of Iran, even closer than the occupation and resistance brought Iraq and Iran. 

From a human perspective, the occupation of Iraq has been a disaster. From a political perspective, for the US, it has been a failure – at least if we leave out the water and oil deals Israel was able to squeeze out of the post-war quisling government and process that Maliki himself grew out of. 

So when this government, designed to produce an environment at least acceptable to the US, actually doubles down and invites Russia to handle things which the US promised, this speaks volumes. 

Well, Maliki’s clear headed approach to regional and global geopolitics should be applauded. When the US illegally invaded Iraq and murdered its president-for-life, Saddam Hussein – a man with his own share of blood on his hands – what they intended to do was create a resource zone for Israel. To this extent, it was a success, if only partially. And the ‘green zone’ in Iraq exists today as a hedge against attempts to undo that. Yet, nevertheless, it’s being undone, slowly but surely, every day. Every victory against ISIS is a victory against the Zionist entity. 

Of course the US at least appeared to have a dog in the race – oil, right? But when the cost of the war, occupation, the value of the contracts taken from the ‘public weal; and handed over to the various firms of the military industrial complex, including Cheney’s Halliburton – when those are added up, and then calculated against the price that Saddam-under-sanctions was willing to sell and already selling, it’s pretty obvious that it wasn’t cost effective. So, ‘capitalism’ arguments to explain this imperialism don’t really hold water. This was a case of the US engaging in IR idealism to satiate the Zionist entity’s needs as defined by IR realism – in essence, a form of ‘greater Israel’ – though one which doesn’t overtly designate resource areas benefiting Israel in Iraq as ‘Israel. Of course, Zionists have done this for generations. 

Well then, this helps give some context then to Maliki’s statements today, as reported by Sputnik: 

“We want to strengthen and develop these relations, because we believe in Russia’s role in solving a big number of international problems, as well as in strengthening security and the balance of power in our region and around the world… Russia has great opportunities and capabilities in many areas, in science, industry, economy and the defense industry area,” 

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