NATO looks on as Russia, China carry out first joint Navy training in the Baltic


July 18, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

RT Russian (German original)- translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

The Chinese Navy has sent ships to the Baltic Sea to participate in joint exercises with the Russian Navy. According to a representative of NATO, on Monday the Chinese flotilla was spotted by the Dutch navy.

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Several Chinese warships are on their way to the Baltic Sea to participate in joint exercises with the Navy of Russia. 

As reported in the North Atlantic Alliance, the Chinese flotilla comprises a destroyer escort vessel and one auxiliary ship. According to NATO, this month Russia and China for the first time in history are holding joint military exercises in the Baltic Sea. 

At present, China is actively expanding its military presence outside Asia. Just a few days ago, it was announced that China’s first military base abroad will be opened in the East African country of Djibouti. 

Chinese warships are scheduled to arrive in the Baltic by the end of the week. Exercises termed “Sea cooperation – 2017” will be held from 24 to 27 July with a total of about ten ships of various classes participating.

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