No need to work so hard to learn Russian: in Ukraine, you can catch it, like a cold


July 3, 2017 – Fort Russ News –, translated by Tom Winter –

 Translator note: 
Why post such a hateful thing, you might ask. Of course I could say because it exhibits the level of thinking in Kiev, but it’s mostly as a language student: Starting in 2007, I took every Russian course offered at my university. Starting at age 63, it was a struggle, and Russian is tougher to learn than my Latin, Greek, German, or Romance Languages. That was ten years ago, and I am still actively exploring (Yes, I feel like an explorer!) this wonderful language. So with a laugh, I say to myself: “Why couldn’t I go to Kiev and just catch it?

In the Ukrainian capital, social advertising has appeared, warning of the Russian language as a “contagious infection,” the newspaper Vesti writes.

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Posters appearing on the streets of Kiev depict a man with his tongue out, in the colors of the Russian Federation flag with the notation: “dementia, cussing, debility, drunkenness, separatism, death, aggression, imperialism, war.”

The Russian language is very contagious, it’s enough to get into an infected environment or get a virus from the media. The infection spreads easily among young people,” the poster says.

The scandalous advertisement shows the logos of “Modern Art Center M17,” “100 best patriotic posters of 2015,” and “Clinic of Dr. Bandera.”

The authors suggest combating Russian with the help of the “national idea” and mouthwash.

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