North Korea asks to dismantle UN “illegal” command in South Korea


July 2nd, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Sputnik Italia – – translated by Frederick Assar –

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The Representative of the North Korean Peace Defense
Committee has asked the US to dismantle the UN command in South Korea because
it is “illegal”.

The declaration states that in July 1957, the US
“brought” its troops – under the control of UN command – in South
Korea and tried to create the Asian version of NATO. The UN command in South
Korea was labelled as “Cold War legacy and an instrument of aggression”.

“The UN command has no reason to exist: either for the
maintenance of world peace and security in the Korean peninsula and the
Asia-Pacific region, or for the restoration of UN prestige as an international organisation”,
the statement emphasizes.

The anonymous author of the statement highlights that
“the US – at the request of our people – should immediately dismantle the
United Nations Command and withdraw the armed forces and armaments from South

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