Novorossia seeks to join Russian Federation – Zavdoveev


July 5, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Novorossia Today – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

Ignore the one-sided commentary on the map – it’s source is the Washington Post.

Russia will not allow Ukraine to implement the ‘Croatian script’ in the Donbass. Soon, the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) ‘will absolutely be included in the Russian Federation.’ Such an opinion was expressed by the “Legion” unit commander and parliamentary deputy, Sergei Zavdoveev.

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“LPR and DPR – we are Russia. After election next year, we will integrate into the Russian Federation. Over three years, we have done a lot of work, both at the political level as well as on the military and economic levels. Therefore, we absolutely will join the composition of the Russian Federation.”

Russia of course will not bring in its army, states Zavdoveev, because Russia is not a party to the conflict. “But we have enough support not only to repel an attack, but also to go on the offensive to respond to an attack.”

“There is a tacit agreement between the US, Europe and Russia – whoever first goes on the offensive, and is the aggressor, is to blame for this war. Accordingly, if the Ukraine attacks in the interim, this will enable us to operate openly with Russia.”

“Frankly, if this happened, we will finally end the war. But I think they will not commit such a mistake.” – said the battalion commander.

When asked about the daily shelling of the Ukrainian army on the Donbass,  Zavdoveev said:

“You know that we have the valiant OSCE here, which is still ‘unable’ determine who is shooting whom. For three years they’ve reported that someone is shooting, but someone who – is unclear. Everyone can see that Ukraine is shooting, except OSCE, They record the fact of shelling but who shoots – no word. It turns out that we’ve got a poltergeist! If they had at least once in the reports reflected the responsibility of the Ukrainian side, we would have long ago been able to go on the offensive to Ukraine. And Russia would be able to enter its troops, because it would be clear who was the aggressor.”

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