Poland holds anti-Ukrainian rallies


July 14, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Politnavigator  – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

“Ukraine – out!”

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On 11 July, Poland for the first time at the state level said recognised the National Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Volyn massacre. Across the country, mass rallies were held that were characterised by an anti-Ukrainian emphasis.

Activities started in Warsaw on July 9th. The laying of wreaths and flowers at the monument of the Unknown Soldier near the presidential palace was attended by representatives of the government, members of NGOs: the chairman of the ruling party “Law and Justice” Yaroslav Kachinsky (who is known as the shadow leader of Poland), Defense Minister Antony Macherevich, Senator Yan Zharyn, and head of the Institute of National Remembrance in Poland, Jaroslav Sharek. 

The protesters carried banners reading “Stop Bandera”, “Remember Volyn”, “Ukraine – admit the truth, Poland – Get up off its knees”, “Not about revenge, but about memory screaming victim,” “The victims – the memory and honor of Poland and Ukraine – dialogue and cooperation.” On some of the participants, armbands were spotted with the inscription “Polish Lvov.” They chanted “Remember the genocide – Bandera will not live on”. 

The genocide that occurred then, had a clear plan, purpose and criminal intent. It was not an act of revenge – it was a long-term plan, which was aimed at the extermination of the Polish population living in those areas for hundreds of years.

“You can not build a future on half-truths, lies, innuendos” – Sharek said, referring to the Ukrainian authorities. 

Remarkably, the President of Poland, Andrzey Duda did not take part in commemorative events in Warsaw, but limited himself to a letter to the participants. “The truth about what happened in the Volyn region, is not a threat to the relationship between us, Poles and Ukrainians. Accepting this truth is not to undermine, but to strengthen our friendship and cooperation. The truth of this grave injustice requires that our relations are based on solid foundations and mutual trust “– wrote Duda. He declined an invitation to share in the mourning.

The monument, of course, have washed, but the Consul General of Ukraine, who laid flowers together with Duda, was clearly uncomfortable on the commemorative events.

Almost two million citizens of Ukraine now live and work in Poland. Uncomfortably for the them, on Polish cities, graffiti can be found that read «UA von» (Ukraine – out!)

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