Post- Brexit, Britain may send Europe back its radioactive waste


July 21, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Politnavigator – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

Britain warned Brussels that after leaving the bloc, the country has the right to send back to the EU radioactive waste that used to be sent to Britain for reprocessing.

This was initially reported by The Financial Times referring to the document presented by Britain in the negotiations on Brexit.

“The document that determines the position of the UK in negotiations on Brexit, emphasizes the right to” return radioactive waste to the country of origin, ” the report said.

According to a British official whose name is not mentioned, this warning is an encrypted message to Brussels that it is in the interest of the EU to reach a consensus on this issue.

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“This can only be a reminder that if an agreement is not reached, a ship with plutonium may, as a result, appear in the port of Antwerp,” said one of the experts in the nuclear field who advises the British government.

In addition, the document also emphasizes the responsibility of the EU countries for some fissionable materials, which are the most dangerous and rigidly regulated types of nuclear substances, including plutonium.

It is emphasized that almost a fifth of the 126-tonne plutonium stock for civilian use, which is stored at the state plant in Sellafield in the English county of Cumbria, comes from abroad.

Since the 1970s, this plant has reprocessed nuclear fuel from the rest of Europe, including Germany, Italy and Sweden, the newspaper writes.

It appears there are a lot of loose ends left to tie, to finalise the Brexit processes. 

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