Russia promises to respond should the US attack Syria


July 3, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Rusvena –   translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

Russia will respond adequately and in proportion if the US implement its threats against Damascus for allegedly preparing a chemical attack, as stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. 

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“I very much hope that this time the United States will be guided by the need to really protect the non-proliferation of chemical weapons and not to speculate on the alleged intelligence, which comes from “secret sources”. They cannot create pretexts for another blow to the forces of the Syrian army”– Lavrov said.

The Minister confirmed that, during the recent telephone conversation between US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the US has information about the upcoming Damascus chemical attack.

Earlier, Washington threatened Syrian President Bashar Assad, in the case of such an attack, that he will pay a high price.

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