Russia Satisfied with Ceasefire Outcome, Will Continue to Provide Military Support to Both, the Syrian Government and the so-called “Opposition”


July 10th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– – – translated by Samer Hussein –            

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed Moscow’s support for the efforts of unifying the ranks of the so-called “Syrian opposition” amid the war on terror, and its cooperation with the Syrian Army and the government.

During a press conference, held with his South Ossetian counterpart Dmitry Medoev, Lavrov stressed his country welcomes counter-terrorist efforts of all “Syrian opposition” platforms, the ones of Cairo and Riyadh-based groups including.

He also expressed satisfaction with the consent of Riyadh platform to participate in the forthcoming seventh round of Geneva talks on settlement of the Syrian crisis, that were previously attended only by Moscow and Cairo platforms, stressing that this is an important step further of which High Negotiations Committee is already aware. 

Lavrov added that there is a little improvement in relations between the conflicting sides, noting that Moscow considers constitutional reforms and fight against terrorism as the two most important things of the negotiations. 

Regarding the ground situation in Syria, Lavrov said that Russia and the United States jointly continue their efforts to maintain the ceasefire agreement in the southwestern Syria, which came into effect yesterday. 

He stressed that particular ceasefire agreement is the result of several rounds of negotiations between Russian and American officials, before it was eventually reached and signed on July 7th. The agreement was also signed by Jordanian officials, adding that all 3 countries agreed to establish a truce monitoring body which would be based in Oman and would maintain direct contact with both, the Syrian government and the so-called “opposition.” 

He also expressed hope that the efforts, related to calming the situation in southwest of Syria, and those made at Astana and Geneva talks, will contribute to easing tensions and increasing the effectiveness of the fight against terrorism. 

Lavrov also said Moscow is ready to cooperate with United States on multiple levels as regards the Syrian truce, stressing that Moscow welcomes its efforts on improving the situation in regions, covered by the truce agreement.

Before finishing his speech, Lavrov said Russia will, thanks to its military presence in Syria, continue to provide air and ground support in all counter-terrorism efforts of, both the Syrian government and the so-called “opposition”, noting that the outcome of ceasefire agreements and negotiations has so far been very positive, stressing that guarantor states of de-escalation zone agreements have joined their efforts in a close coordination on the borders between the two contested regions in Syria, namely the eastern countryside of Homs province and Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, while negotiations on easing the tensions in the countryside of Idleb province, continue. 

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