Russian Air Force Decimates ISIS in Syria’s Hama Province [Video]


July 5th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen –  – translated by Samer Hussein –       

Russian Defense Ministry announced that a group of Tu-95 strategic bombers raided ISIS positions Uqayribat in the eastern countryside of the Syrian province of Hama. 

In its statement, the Ministry confirmed that the bombers destroyed three huge arms and ammunition depots and several of the command centers, previously used by ISIS terrorists.

The Ministry pointed out that bombers took off from Russia, specifically Engels-2 military airport, located near the city of Saratov, but received refueling while in air. 

They also received cover by the Russian Su-30 fighter jets that took off from Hmeimim base in Lattakia province.

The terrorist positions were hit with X-101 strategic cruise missiles, killing scores of the terrorists and destroying three huge arms and ammunition depots, as well as several command centers.

All designated targets were successfully hit.

This is the second Russian strike on ISIS positions in Uqayribat in less than a month.

Previously on June 23rd, The Russian Defense Ministry announced that Russian Navy’s Admiral Essen and Admiral Grigorovich frigates, and a Krasnodar submarine launched six Kalibr cruise missiles from the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and targeted ISIS positions in the vicinity of Uqayribat in Hama province.

Several ISIS command centers, as well major weapon and ammunition depots, and of course plenty of the terrorists were annihilated in the strikes.


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