Mirroring EU visa-free arrangement? Russian citizenship for Ukrainian nationals made easy


July 12, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

DNR News  – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

The State Duma has voted in favour of the amendment, which simplifies the process of obtaining citizenship and residence permits in Russia for Ukrainian citizens; now it will be enough to sign a statement renouncing Ukrainian citizenship and will not require the corresponding certificate from the authorities of Ukraine. 

The text of the oath to Russian citizenship has also been confirmed, according to which the individual would swear to observe the Constitution of the country, respect for its culture and history:

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“I (name), voluntarily and consciously take Russian citizenship, I swear to observe the constitution and Russian laws, rights and freedoms of its citizens, to fulfill the duties of the citizen for the benefit of the state and society, to protect the freedom and independence of the Russian Federation, to be loyal to Russia to respect its culture, history and traditions”

A passport can be issued immediately after taking the oath. 

The Ukraine, in response, has stated that it will continue to list its citizens as Ukrainians who receive Russian citizenship under the simplified procedure.

They have stressed that “the cessation of the citizenship of Ukraine is only possible by decree of President of Ukraine,” and there are no other options.

The difference between EU visa-free arrangement versus Russian citizenship is that the EU arrangement grants no working rights. As a citizen of the Russian Federation, one can work and practice all the civil liberties available to its natural citizens. Either way, the ‘brain drain’ and outflow of labour power is set to affect the Ukraine in the near future. 

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