Saudi Women Combat Wahhabism by Showing Their Legs


July 24th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated by Samer Hussein –

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Recently, the Saudi regime arrested a young woman named Kholoud Al Yafei due to her appearance in a “provocative” short stroll online video where she was seen walking around in a miniskirt in a village of Bashqir, one of the most conservative places in Saudi Arabia.

Her case headlined the media worldwide and eventually pressured the Saudi authorities to release her without charges.

Since then, the things are only intensifying.

Although no legal action was taken against Kholoud, Saudi female activists nonetheless launched a campaign on social networking sites under the title of “Shooting the Legs”, in order to not only show their solidarity with Kholoud, but challenge the Saudi society as well.

Iman Al Atabi and Sama Hashtak launched their campaign on the social networking site Twitter, explaining that the goal of the campaign is to confront backwarded and conservative ideals that dominate the Saudi minds, saying that women alone are “kings and queens” of their own bodies, not their parents or any other relatives as tradition demands.

So far, a large number of Saudi and other Arab women joined their campaign, sharing the photos of their legs.

Such campaigns are rather new and unique to the otherwise backwarded Saudi society. 

The campaigners are proud of the fact that their work was so well received among women, many of whom are now aspiring for a greater role of women in Saudi society, dominated by masculinity and religious extremism.

The campaign also shows how younger Saudi generations, are slowly, but effectively drifting away from Wahhabi values of the ruling Saudi clan.

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