Serbs rename their village to “Putinovo”


July 31, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

RIA News – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 


Residents of the former Serbian farm settlement of Ajinzi have abandoned the old name and renamed the settlement to Putinovo in honor of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A small village, formerly named after one of the Turkish conquerors, is located 17 kilometers from the Serbian town of Medvedja. As stated by one of the local residents Malish Petrusic, opponents of the idea of ​​a new name to the village did not raise objections when it came to ‘Putinovo.

“We are all Russophiles, so we easily agreed, considering the political situation in the world, this was the ideal solution for us,” he said.


“Maybe some people will be surprised that in our small village, lost in the mountains, people know so much about politics, but it’s true.” There are about 20 houses in Putinovo, ten people live here all year round. 

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“Our Putin is simply excellent, I immediately agreed to change the name, it’s a big difference to live in Putinovo or in a village named after the man who was the invader conqueror.” We were tormented by the Turks for 500 years, ” said Sava, 79.

Fully supporting the renaming of the village is Miliyana Delibashich, who spends every summer in Putinovo with her grandchildren.

“Why should our place be named after a Turk who lived five hundred years ago?” In general, we quickly agreed, and we really love Russians and Putin. Nature here is beautiful, untouched, and in the village we always have unanimity “she said.

Earlier, the famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica said that with the arrival of Vladimir Putin to power in Russia, the Serbs began to feel respect for themselves. He also noted that he supports the Russian leader, as Putin accomplished “something  very important for the whole world.”

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