Syria: Clashes Between Tahrir and Ahrar Al Sham Terrorists Intensify, Erdogan Getting Really Desperate

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July 20th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –       

Clashes between terrorists groups in the northwest of Syria do not seem to have an end in sight.

Earlier, Joulani’s terrorist group Hay’at Tahrir Al Sham (ex-Al Nusra Front) managed to take control of the town of Saraqib, located east of Idleb, following the withdrawal of the rival terrorist group Ahrar Al Sham, which is backed by the Turkish Erdogan regime, as a result of negotiations, during which the Ahrar-linked terrorist group  Revolutionary Front of Saraqib, played a key role.

However, violent clashes are still raging through the town of Sarmada, located north of Idleb.

Local sources said the negotiations took place between the terrorist group Tahrir Al Sham and the Revolutionary Front of Saraqib, adding that not even a single shot was fired, following takeover by Tahrir Al Sham.

Upon entering the town, Tahrir’s units immediately began arresting their opponents, as well as taking down Ahrar/Saraqib Front assets, their headquarters including. Currently, Tahrir’s green flags can be seen flying all over the town.

According to local “activists”, hundreds Saraqib residents came out demonstrating and demanding to lift the siege on the headquarters of the revolutionary Front of Saraqib, and urged Tahrir/Al Nusra Front to leave, while calling those who participated in negotiations “traitors”. 

Although southern countryside of Idleb province seems to be quiet at the moment, clashes are not slowing down in the areas of Sarmada, the Bab Al Hawa border crossing and north and west of the towns of Salqin and Harem.

Currently, Tahrir Al Sham terrorists are trying to take control of the border areas with Turkey. Reinforcements are arriving and heavy artillery can be seen on multiple axes.

Battles in the town of Harem are still ongoing as Tahrir Al Sham terrorists are trying to take control of the castle.

They also stormed Ahrar Al Sham headquarters in the town of Salqin, with lots of casualties on both sides as fierce clashes are taking place all over the town.

For the time being, Ahrar Al Sham still controls the positions at Bab Al Hawa border crossing, however, Tahrir has already began amassing its troops in the vicinity.

Local sources claim Tahrir Al Sham is preparing to launch a major-scale attack on headquarters and barricades of Ahrar Al Sham, located in direction of the border crossing.

The “activists” also published an audio recording of Ahrar Al Sham’s President of the Shura Council, Hassan Soufan, who said the battle against Tahrir is unavoidable and crucial for Ahrar’s existence.

Soufan pointed out that although his movement suffered several attacks by Tahrir already, it is nonetheless still patiently awaiting for a solution.

He then said the movement itself shall do everything in its power to preserve its presence and thus prevent the recurrence of “tragic events”, previously seen in Algeria and Iraq, or today in Mosul and Raqqah.

He added that Tahrir Al Sham decided to attack Bab Al Hama border crossing mainly due to the fact that this is the only “breathing lung” in all of Idleb province remaining, with lots of food, aid, weapon, ammunition and medical supplies available.

Sofan stressed that the leadership of Ahrar Al Sham decided to take up arms against Tahrir Al Sham in “Allah’s will” in order to protect the interests of the cause and defend the rights of the oppressed. 

Meanwhile, Tahrir Al Sham’s Sharia Council has responded to yesterday expulsion of Tahrir Al Sham from the Erdogan regime-backed so-called “Syrian Islamic Council” due to its alleged negative role, stressing that the movement is basically saving itself and its struggle from traitors like Ahrar Al Sham and therefore shouldn’t be expelled.

As Tahrir Al Sham is constantly advancing, the Erdogan regime has already made an illegal incursion into Syria, with bulldozers and armored vehicles, in order to defend the position of Ahrar Al Sham terrorist group.

Although death toll, resulting from the clashes between Ahrar and Tahrir Al Sham terrorists is not exactly known, local sources claim that at least 40 bodies were seen being delivered to the nearby field hospitals. 

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