Syrian Army Restores Security to at Least 11 Towns and Villages in Lattakia After Last Mines and IEDs are Removed


July 17th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Engineering units of the Syrian Army yesterday completed the process of removing the mines, improvised explosive devices and booby traps, set by terrorist groups, in 11 villages and towns in Rabia area of the northern countryside of the western province of Lattakia, in preparation for the start of the return of the people to the area. 

A commander of one of the engineering units said that the engineering units continue to work on dismantling the landmines and improvised explosive devices, planted by terrorists right next to the homes of civilians, governmental buildings and entrances to the agricultural surfaces, following a defeat and expulsion of the last terrorists from villages and towns in the northern countryside of Latakia.

He then affirmed that 11 villages in Rabia area are now totally free of landmines, IEDs and booby trapped vehicles, noting that the activities of the Army in this field will not stop until all of the north of Lattakia is completely cleansed of these things.

According to engineering units, several missiles, improvised explosive devices, gas cylinders and anti-personnel mines and tanks, were found.

Due to the difficulty of terrain and the fact that some of the improvised explosive devices were hidden between the trees and herbs, some of the engineers got wounded, few even fatally.

The terrorists, mostly from ISIS and Al Nusra Front, have booby-trapped several houses and governmental buildings, in addition to laying the mines in agricultural surfaces, before being forced to flee to their remaining strongholds in the vicinity, following the expulsion by the Army.

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