Syrian Forces Liberate Several Villages and Oil Fields in Raqqah and Deir Ez Zour, Foil an Attack in Aleppo


July 15th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– SANA – – translated by Samer Hussein –               

Units of the Syrian Army regained control over several villages and oil fields in countrysides of Raqqah and Deir Ez Zour provinces on Saturday.

According to the field reports, the Army took control over the villages of Mushrifat Anbah, Falah Rajab, Khirbet Muhannad, Suh Al Bukhmis, Mansoura Shweihan, Halima and Samihan. 

Heavy losses were inflicted upon ISIS terrorists, as not only a large number of them, local Saudi and Tunisian leaders including, were annihilated, but also 29 booby-trapped vehicles, 5 tanks, 5 command centers, a training camp and 2 weapon caches, were destroyed.

Among the slain ISIS leaders were Mustafa Abdel Kader Benais, a Tunisian national and the so-called “Emir of the Desert” and Saudi national Abdul Rahim Abdul Qadir Raidan, Emir of the so-called “Eastern province.”

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The Army also regained control of Wahhab, Al Fahed, Dubeisan and Al Kabeer and the oil wells of Al Qaseer, Abu Al Qetat and Abu Kattash.

Meanwhile, in the northern province of Aleppo, army units foiled an attack on military checkpoints in Jam’ayiat Al Zahra area in Aleppo countryside.

Military sources said the terrorists of Nur Al Din Zanki Movement (Tahrir Al Sham) were trying to attack from direction Al Lairamoun halls, the Services Building and the local bakery towards military checkpoints in Jam’ayiat Al Zahraa, located in the western countryside of Aleppo province.

The clashes ended with devastating results for the terrorist side.

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