Tahrir Al Sham/Al Nusra Terrorists Face Severe Losses Against the Syrian Army and Hezbollah in Qalamoun and Arsal


July 23rd, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Breakingnews.sy – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Units of the Syrian Army made new progress in cooperation with Hezbollah.

Earlier on Sunday, a control was taken over Falita barrens in Western Qalamoun, located in the southwest of Syria, following the elimination of the last Tahrir Al Sham/Al Nusra Front terrorists.

Hezbollah’s units also established control over local headquarters, belonging to Tahrir/Al Nusra terrorists in the valley of Wadi Al Khail in the vicinity of the Lebanese town of Arsal, in addition to taking control of Murtafiyeh Alizaba, Shaabat Sharaf, Hatab Al Tuba, Wadi Al Khail and the hills of Wadi Rayhan, also located in the vicinity of Arsal. 

Later, clashes continued at the entrance leading to Wadi Al Khail. 

For its part, the Lebanese National Media Agency reported that after Hezbollah scored its victories against the terrorists, the whole area of Arsal became more or less free of terrorists, with the presence of Tahrir Al Sham/Al Nusra Front elements now being limited to Wadi Hamid and the local amusement park. 

In the meantime, fierce clashes, involving heavy artillery and rocket-propelled grenades, continue.

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