Top ISIS Leader and Several Other Terrorists Killed, Dozens of People Rescued as the Iraqi Forces Chase out ISIS Remains in Mosul


July 6th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen –  – translated by Samer Hussein – 

The battle for Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, is not yet over.

According to the field reports, the Iraqi forces managed to break through ISIS defense lines and are currently chasing out the remnants of ISIS in Shahwan area, located northeast of the old city in Mosul.

13 ISIS terrorists were arrested and complete control of the main street was taken.

Some 200 ISIS terrorists are believed to have remained in the entire city, and are currently besieged between the areas of Shahwan and Bab Al Jisr. 

Field sources claim, the counter-terrorism units of the Iraqi Army have already reached the banks of the Tigris River from direction of Midan, meaning that the southern strip is now liberated. 

In addition, the Iraqi Air Force targeted basements and other hideouts of ISIS terrorists in Mosul’s old city.

Three suicide attacks were also prevented at the tomb of Al Abd, located south of Mosul, where Iraqi forces were involved in fierce battles with ISIS terrorists. 

As their warehouses, hideouts, equipment and communication channels were badly damaged or even completely destroyed, ISIS terrorists now mostly depend on planting bombs, mounting explosive devices and firing mortars in order to impede the progress of Iraqi forces who are in the constant lead. Due to sustained damage and cuts, ISIS terrorists are no longer able to launch coordinated attacks against the Iraqi forces. 

Iraqi forces also launched a surprise attack on ISIS positions in Al Najafi area in the old city of Mosul, with aircrafts playing a rather prominent role in monitoring the movements of the terrorists.

Meanwhile, it was reported the Iraqi forces rescued a Yezidi girl from the grip of her 3 ISIS captors, who were eliminated when they were trying to depart the Shahwan area.

The girl, who was born in 2001, and was later kidnapped by ISIS terrorists in August 2014 in the district of Sinjar, was later deported to Syria where she stayed for a brief time, before being sent to Tal Afar and then to the city of Mosul.

The girl has since been reunited with her family and was also received by some members of the Iraqi Army leadership.

Since early morning, 27 ISIS terrorists were killed in Shahwan.

According to the field reports, Abu Yahya Al Iraqi, chief aide to the ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, former high-ranking baathist and the mastermind of chemical attacks in Mosul, was killed in today’s clashes in the old city of Mosul.

In a public statement to the media, the Nineveh chief of police, Brigadier General Hamdani, said he was confident that the ongoing military operations in Mosul’s old city are being conducted in accordance with the schedule, stressing that all battles in Mosul will end very soon. 

Hamdani pointed out the authorities provide all necessary aid and assistance to the displaced people from Mosul, with several humanitarian corridors already being open, adding that intelligence agencies are carefully monitoring and investigating the possibility of infiltration of some ISIS elements among the displaced people. 

The Iraqi forces, who predominantly rely on commando units while progressing in Mosul’s old city, have also managed to rescue dozens of families from the hands of the remains of ISIS terrorists, while chasing them at the southern axis of Mosul’s old city. 

The people have since been safely placed in refugee camps.

Field reports claim that one of the top ISIS leaders, named Abu Nasser Al Shami, is still lurking somewhere within the city. 

Fierce clashes broke out in the villages of Khasraniyeh and Marir, after ISIS terrorists were trying to to everything in their power to hold back the progress of the Iraqi forces.

The results were rather “devastating”, as 7 of their suicide bombers were annihilated.

Although ISIS is considered defeated since last Wednesday, its chapter in Mosul is not yet over, as its remains still pose a danger for the Iraqi security, however the threat level is said to be relatively low.


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