US sanctions: the establishment, not Trump, is the crazy one


July 31, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Alexander RAHR, in, translated from German by Tom Winter –

US sanctions: “It’s not Donald Trump that’s crazy, but the establishment”

Now everything is crystal clear – who stands where, and who wants what. Only the consequences of US sanctions against Russia are unclear. Who finally gets the bloodiest nose?

A guest contribution by Prof. Alexander Rahr

The US Congress and the US Senate are trying to hit several bunnies with one shot. They want to harm the Russian economy, get their unloved President Donald Trump under control, and discipline some rebellious EU states.

Officially, the US wants to punish Russia – in addition to the annexation of the Crimea and the war in the Eastern Ukraine – because of its Syrian policy and the alleged manipulation of the US elections.

This is a joke. In the future, would the US want to punish all states that oppose US intervention in the Middle East? And as far as the accusation of electoral manipulation is concerned, where are the clear proofs? And did the American intelligence service itself not constantly interfere in the affairs of other countries, listen to mobile phones of friendly foreign political figures?

Not Trump that’s crazy, but the American establishment, which is acting against its own president. The establishment wants to drop Trump and install a second Obama in office. They seem to have the power to do so.

How will Europe react? The US sanctions are – oh God – also directed against all the Western firms that work with Russia on strategic infrastructure projects. The following sectors are affected: energy, shipbuilding, and railways. German companies are massively sanctioned if they do not break off their business with Russia in these industries.

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You can only hold your head in your hands. The aim of Western sanctions had always been to persuade Russia to conclude peace in Ukraine, not to destroy the Russian economy.

How does the EU react to the sanctions?

Will the EU oppose America? They say such a thing is not on. Will they least protect our own companies? EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker proposes counter-sanctions against US companies.* But the European mainstream is different. In the media, criticism of the sharpened US sanctions is limited. There will be no opposition to America from Poland and the countries of Central Europe. However, the EU can only make political decisions through consensus.

Is it all clear? The EU will, with gnashing of teeth, have to follow the anti-Russian course of the Americans. Russia will then withdraw entirely to Asia. Europe will then lose Russia.

Is there a more optimistic way out?
For the story on EU anti-US countersanctions, see “America first cannot mean Europe last!”

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