US Urges its Citizens to Leave Venezuela as Maduro Urges Opposition to Start a Dialogue

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July 28th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has urged the Venezuelan opposition to abandon its path of rebellion, as he put it, and begin a dialogue that would eventually allow for a  national agreement being reached.

Maduro’s words come in the wake of the upcoming vote on the new Constitutional Assembly, scheduled to take place on July 30th.

Meanwhile, the US Department of State has called on the US diplomats and their family members to start leaving Venezuela, in addition to warning the American citizens not to go there.

In its statement, the State Department urged the American diplomats and their families, currently staying in Venezuela, to remain highly vigilant while moving around and not travel to the areas outside the capital city of Caracas, as well as to refrain from moving around during the night hours.

On July 16th, Venezuelans went to the polling stations in order to cast their votes in an unofficial referendum, whose only intent was to put pressure on Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro and members of his cabinet. 

Maduro himself called the referendum “meaningless and illegal”, although he later called on his citizens to attend the referendum in a peaceful manner.

The referendum itself, however, was only an unofficial one as it was not approved by Venezuelan Electoral Authority, a thing otherwise required by Venezuelan law.

The developments, which are highly likely to be sponsored by the external powers, come after the Venezuelan parliament passed a bill, calling on the President Maduro to step down, earlier this year. 

According to Venezuelan media, the parliament accused Maduro of “dereliction of duty”, while also blaming him for the “serious crisis in the country.”

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