We will not join Ukraine, but Ukraine can join Donbass – Zakharchenko interview


July 18, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

KP – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

On Tuesday, July 18 the establishment of a new state was announced – Malorossia (Little Russia) with its capital in Donetsk.  Just how the decision was made, by whom, and how they see the new country forming, the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko , has given an interview to KP.

– Alexander, we assume the new initiative has nothing to do with the meeting of Putin and Trump and the creation of a special forum between Russia and the United States, on the “Ukrainian problem”?

– It is an initiative of ordinary people. Because the situation, which has now formed is a dead end. In order to stop the war, in order to save the state, it is necessary that the state reinvent itself as part of the Russian brotherhood, it is necessary to do these things. Otherwise, we will wallow in a great war, and there will be many casualties.

– Which regions have already joined the project?

– There were representatives from 19 regions of Ukraine during decision making. This is the vast majority.

– Where are the borders you see for Little Russia? I mean, I understand that it is the whole of Ukraine?

– Yes, that’s right. We were born in one country, this is our land, this land for which our ancestors died, and why do we have to give any of it to some Bandera, a land for which our grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought?

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– What will happen to the Minsk Agreement? Because Lugansk and Donetsk are registered, but Little Russia is not.

– If you read carefully the set of conditions we have announced, they are almost all the same as per the Minsk agreement – except the name change. I have said that the Donbass will never in its life join the current Ukraine – but the Ukraine could join the Donbass.

– And who will lead this association?

– That we will have to decide. For now the main thing is to make the necessary steps toward realising this. 

– Will Lugansk and Donetsk finally be united?

– But we were always originally together.

– I mean, united into a single state.

– Well, we actually currently exist as a new state. We have announced the creation of another state, which includes Donetsk and Lugansk but not limited to. Donetsk and Lugansk – these are flagship regions that have every right to call themselves as leading regions.

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