Who would have guessed watching the self-immolation of CNN and the NYT would be so fun?


July 7th 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
– op-ed by Joaquin Flores, editor-in-chief, FRN – 

CNN and the NYT have, in recent days and weeks, basically self immolated. We really do live in some amazing times indeed.

Everyone’s probably seen by now the old CNN clips from the first Iraq war period. If you haven’t, have a laugh

No, yeah, I hear you. We should be livid by now. And of course we are. But at a certain point, the adrenals burn out. It’s anger fatigue. Of course the powers that be know this. So its always good to let the adrenals cool off a bit, let them recharge. In its place, we really just have to laugh at this ish. Having fun with this is very important to do. Otherwise, in place of the appropriate anger as those adrenals are overloaded, we experience acquiescence and even the feeling of defeat. We must never allow that.

In light of that – boy, this really is fun. Let’s  fast forward ourselves past the 90’s, the 00’s, and now here in the last few years of the 10’s. Could anyone have imagined that it would go down this way? I think intuitively we all know that it would go down, and the power of humor as a tool to delegitimize one’s political opponents is well known. So if it was going to go down, of course it would be through humor. And the level of social ridicule being directed at the mainstream media at CNN and the New York Times, is truly incredible. Christ almighty –  and I don’t mean that in vain.

Meme war is brutal, and as much as the so-called mainstream media thinks it can set the agenda and continue to frame things, the numbers tell a different story. Without getting into a break down, let’s keep it simple and say that the websites, including Fort Russ, that were listed on the Washington Posts’ libelous, defamatory article on ‘Fake News Sites’, a list ported over from the Ukrainian ‘Prop Or Not’, all in all have a combined readership in excess of the actually corporatist ‘fake news’ sites CNN and NYT. So it’s probably even better to refer to ‘mainstream media’ as ‘legacy media’, (as Joe Rogan does) because it isn’t even mainstream. But they still maintain the illusion of mainstream, which is at least half of it, to be fair.

That right there was the video that sent CNN over the edge. It was, as we all know, Trump that retweeted it. But instead of going after Trump for all the wrong reasons and none of the right ones – they do this every day anyway – instead they threatened to dox the meme’s creator.

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But one cannot defeat the internet. Hillary Clinton learned this the hard way. The Clinton News Network is also learning this the hard way.

And it goes without saying that whatever nonsense the chattering class spews about the west being a ‘market place of ideas’ – in reality we have corporate and state power colluding to ‘cleanse the internet’ of inconvenient news from the actually mainstream.

Which brings us to our next point – THANK YOU – our dear Fort Russ readers – indeed we are a big family. Thank you for helping Fort Russ back in May when we made the call.

Because of the support you gave, we were able to pay back what we’d borrowed to pay our journalists and overhead.

We were all truly moved by this, and it really shows what solidarity can do in the face of adversity – even adversity from media giants like the NYT. It was the NYT who did all kinds of nasty to bully their advertisers to sign onto an ultimatum given to Google’s Adsense, which Google went for. This ultimatum was to cut by more than half the revenues earned from Adsense. 

From November through April, only ‘threatening’ youtube channels and websites like Fort Russ, were targeted. In April, came the infamous ad-pocalypse, where Google then applied this to all content creators, world-wide.

Two days ago, adsense disabled 100%of our advertising because of a story we ran two years ago revealing the brutal burning at the stake of a Novorossia Rebel. We’re working now to get that back. But it hurts. If you see ads, let us know. We aren’t allowed to ask readers to click those ads, so we aren’t going to. 

This hurts us tremendously. We were forced to take down the article. The article was read by tens of thousands of people on our site, and countless hundreds of thousands of others through re-publishers. That was important truth that was out there. 

The powers that be of course want to shut us down. 

Thank you for your continued support, as we hold firm to our mission to expose the lies and atrocities of the powers that be. The same ones that run google. Yup. 

But unlike the NYT or CNN, we have dedicated readers who not only read and share our news, but support our mission. 

We expect to be around for a long time. And we expect to continue to grow as we have been!

They want war, they’ve got war. We’ll keep hitting back with raw uncensored truth in journalism. That’s our commitment to you. 

It goes without saying that the war on journalism is a war on you: the citizen, the activist, the investor, the voter, the revolutionary, the student, the teacher, the worker,  the entrepreneur. 

Despite the war on you, we’re committed to organizing our info-war defense and counter-attack. 

Help yourselves by helping us. In the long run, the world will be a better place for it. 

But today, let’s have a laugh at CNN and the NYT and their quick and fast trip to historical irrelevance. 

Remember to help and Donate! If half of our regular readers donated the price of a starfucks coffee once a month, we could pull all ads and triple our coverage. 

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