Americans reminded that John McCain supports Neo-Nazis


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August 21 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Rusvesna– translated by Inessa Sinchougova

Against the background of the scandal involving the extreme right in American Charlottesville, the influential American newspaper The Daily Caller recalled the ties of the senator from Arizona, the famous Russophobe John McCain with right-wing nationalists in Ukraine. 

In an article titled “Recollection: How McCain Met and Praised True Neo-Nazis in Ukraine” The Daily Caller recalls how in the distant 2013 Senator McCain made a trip to Ukraine, where he addressed thousands of protesters in the main square of Kiev. 

The senator’s visit demonstrated the full support of the USA for the Maidan. In Kiev, McCain repeatedly met with the leader of the right Ukrainian nationalist party “Svoboda”.

The Daily Caller has reminded American readers, that the party “Freedom” has a certain weight and popularity in Ukraine and gained 10% of votes in the elections to the parliament in 2010.

But what is more interesting, the publication stresses, “Freedom” is also famous for its clearly anti-Semitic position. After the establishment in 1995, even the party logo was very similar to the Nazi swastika. In subsequent years, the party split, but still remained true to the ideas of promoting Ukrainian ethnic identity.

Tyagnibok also became famous for his numerous anti-Semitic comments. He was expelled from parliament in 2014 after being asked by the Ukrainian people to start a war against the “Moscow-Jewish mafia.” Both words – it insults directed against the citizens of Ukraine and the Russian Jewish origin, highlights the American edition and provides links to the BBC

In 2015 Tyagnibok demanded to fight “Jewish” laws in Ukraine, the article also says.

Obviously, meeting with the politician who was at the forefront of Ukrainian protests, McCain did not even suspect that Tyagnybok’s “anti-Semitic card” could play a cruel joke with him after so many years, sums up The Daily Caller.

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