Could a war with North Korea eradicate the Deep State vermin? – Opinion


August 16 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

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Rusvesna – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

The modern world is approaching a very important milestone. This is evidenced by the analysis of the world news feed. What has been observed for the past six months, after the election of US President Donald Trump, does not fit into any existing precedent. 

Information noise has become so strong that it eradicates any small attempts to see the real meaning of events. And the Russian central mass media in this respect does not lag behind the global ones, which can give absolutely ridiculous meanings to certain events that are happening.

As experts note, in early August, the political struggle in Washington moved to a new plane.

Now the administration of the White House and Trump loyalists have set about drawing up criminal cases against each other.

The head of the House of Representatives Special Representative Devin Nunes called on the US Attorney General (also the head of the Ministry of Justice) to appoint a special prosecutor on cases involving improper handling of confidential state information by representatives of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s entourage.

If the US Justice Department takes this step, two independent special prosecutors will work in Washington at once. One is on the “Russian case”, that is, it will continue to investigate the perceived Russian affiliations of Donald Trump, the second – for those alleged violations committed by the people of the Hillary and Obama teams, as well as from the leadership of the Democratic Party. This is an unprecedented case. In fact, two political forces (not necessarily strictly affiliated with the two leading parties) will investigate each other. 

It is nothing but an intensification of the spiral of confrontation between Trump, and the world war party, part-time “deep state”.

Obviously, according to Hillary Clinton, who in her youth did a similar trick with Nixon, this should end either by impeachment, or by voluntary resignation of Trump, or by Kennedy-2. However, much says that Trump is not Nixon and that he is preparing to play. He has sent two signals to the world and his supporters in the United States.

The first is that the bill on sanctions against Russia is idiotic, but he was forced to sign it, so as not to be impeached. In this way, the reproaches from the Russian elite level that Trump is a weakling seem to be inappropriate.

The second Trump signal consists of the ‘repair’ of the White House, or clearing of the swamp.

But if there are problems with this, and repairs will be disrupted, then, as President, Trump will reserve the right to undertake what he thinks fit. The possibility that he will make his bet on the military, is not an irrational option. 

But for this, he must become a real leader of the military. Which can not be done without war. 

Perhaps the global party of the world will be able to seize control levers in the US (the center of the modern world order) without a nuclear conflict. But maybe not. Therefore, you have to be psychologically ready for this situation.

By the way, the world after Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not end – as they watched TV and ate sandwiches, they continued to eat and watch afterwards. So, if something like this occurs somewhere on the world periphery today, nothing will change – humanity is morally and informationally ready.

If we consider the war, even a limited, nuclear US war with North Korea – then, of course, this is horror scenario. However, if this event is seen only as one of the elements to prevent the arrival of Clintonites to power in the US, and to prevent a global nuclear conflict between Russia and the US that will be guaranteed in this case, which would mean the death of all humanity, then the heating up of the situation with Korea begins to appear in a completely different light.

In these conditions, it is necessary not to provoke a media hysteria in the population, but to prepare joint Russian-Chinese dry cargo ships and other vehicles for providing food and other humanitarian assistance to the fraternal American people, which is preparing, under the leadership of Trump, to relieve the power of the shadow state.

Accordingly, what personally disturbs me in the ongoing news both in world media and in the domestic media is that the events are submitted in isolation from each other, although they are connected by a thousand small threads. If only the experts were more honest. 

Ed: we see a number of problems in this logic, as well as worthy points of consideration. What do you think?

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