Deir Ez Zour, Syria: Army Crushing ISIS Terrorists Left and Right, Locals Kill at Least a Dozen of the Terrorists


August 14th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– SANA  – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Units of the Syrian Army downed an ISIS radio-controlled aircraft that was carrying explosives, while clashing in the surrounding areas of Deir Ez Zour Airport as part of the continued operations against ISIS terrorists in the eastern province of Deir Ez Zour, on Monday.

According to the field reports, fierce clashes with ISIS terrorists erupted in the surrounding areas of Deir Ez Zour Airport, and during which dozens of the terrorists were killed and a camera-equipped radio-controlled aircraft carrying explosives, was downed.

Lots of ISIS terrorists were also killed after one of their hideouts in Al Rashidiyeh neighborhood in Deir Ez Zour city was destroyed.

Meanwhile, units Syrian Air Force carried out intense strikes, targeting ISIS fortifications, gatherings and movements in the villages of Al Shoula, Al Baghiliyeh, the cemeteries, Aiyash, Ein Al Bujumaa and Al Panorama area, leaving scores of the terrorists dead or injured and destroying their fortifications, weapons, and ammunition stockpiles.

In a related context, local sources reported said that a group of young men killed the terrorists Jadallah Abdel-Ra’of and Ziad Al Noubi, the so-called ”emirs of the recruits” in the towns of Mayadeen and Abu Kamal, both of whom were Egyptian citizens.

In addition, a group of locals killed destroyed a car and killed all 3 ISIS terrorists inside when they were travelling on Abu Kamal-Hasibeh, while another group of locals from the eastern countryside of the province killed 7 terrorists, including 4 foreigners, while clashing with them in Al Katef area in the eastern town of Abu Kamal.

Because of the losses coming from both, the Syrian Army and the locals, lots of ISIS terrorists fled Deir Ez Zour province in the past 24 hours, their local leader named Youssef Al Marhoun, including.

Sadly, ISIS terrorists did not leave civilians alone. 

In the town of Al Tebni, located in the northwestern countryside of Deir Ez Zour, a civilian was executed by ISIS terorists.

Another civilian was killed while he was trying to flee from captivity in the town of Al Kasrah, located in the northern countryside of the province.

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