Despite government ban, Ukrainian neo-nazis still using Russian social network sites


“Are you In Contact with the aggressor?”

In Dnipropetrovsk there are propaganda billboards with the question “Are you still dealing with the aggressor?”

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The photo of one such billboard is placed on its Facebook page by the neo-Nazi group S-14.

It can be understood from the comments that supporters of the S-14 group disapprove of the Ukrainian regime’s ban on Russian social networks.

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“But, the aggressor will not think to register on Facebook, but in Facebook the Porobots can to block the unwanted,” writes a certain Fedir Tuz.

“The government itself does such billboards. Both FB and Vk are under the Intel Services, but for the bitter-patriots – it’s a victory, “- assures Zuhvaliy Oprishko.

Note that the Ukrainian ultra-right, including the Right Sector and the “National Corps” continue to regularly update their PR in VKontakte [Вконтакте] and the number their subscribers amounts to tens of thousands.

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