Entire Black Sea coast of Ukraine will become the military base of the USA


August 14 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

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Politnavigator – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

It is imperative not to underestimate the importance of the news of the American construction of a command center at the naval base in Ochakov. In the future, the US plans to turn all of the Black Sea coast of Ukraine into its base. The Americans already have an fitting example – the deployment of their army at the Yavrovsky training ground in the Lviv region, which is one of the largest bases of NATO outside the alliance. 

The media finally noticed that in the Ochakov area of ​​the Odessa region, the US Navy is constructing “the Navy Operational Fleet Management Center for the Ukrainian Navy.” Work began on July 25 and is carried out as part of the Foreign Military Construction Sales (FMCS) program. The construction is carried out by the first mobile construction battalion of the US Marine Corps (NMCB 1), the so-called Sea Bees.

According to the website of the US Navy, this is only one of the three facilities currently being handled by the US military in the Ochakovo naval base of the Ukrainian Navy.

The other two are facilities for maintenance of ships and checkpoints along the perimeter of the base. The network has already managed to joke that the checkpoints are designed to protect the de facto military base of the United States from the Ukrainian military – after all, in the constructed “operational center of the Ukrainian Navy” there will always be officers of the US Navy, whose task will be logistical work related to the presence in the region of American warships.

The US military has come for a long time and are trying to buy the sympathy of the local population. As in their time in Yavorov, they repaired one of the local schools, built a football field and a basketball court for it “as a token of gratitude for the city hosting military exercises.”

Some analysts suggested that Ochakov will become the main base of the US Navy on the Black Sea coast, they say, they will threaten to sail out to the Crimea. In fact, proximity to the bases of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia speaks rather in favor of the intelligence-sabotage center, but after all, the military expansion of Americans will not be limited to Ochakov, which is only a “test run”, where they check the reaction of the population of the south of Ukraine to such activities.

It is enough to look at the map of the Black Sea coast of this country in order to understand the scale of the plans of strategists from the Pentagon.

Number 1 on the map is an object in Ochakov, and number 2 is the Odessa port plant, which over recent years was brought to bankruptcy by the West and its puppets in Kiev. Rumors that the full-scale base of the US naval forces will be created here, go back to 2014 – it was exactly what oligarch Igor Kolomoisky guaranteed to Americans, and it was for not fulfilling this promise that his creature (Palitsa) was dismissed from the post of governor of the Odessa region.

Number 3 is the multifunctional polygon “Wide Lan” (one of the largest in Europe, the area is more than 29 thousand hectares). It allows for tactical exercises with live firing of mechanized, tank, airborne troops (including brigade inclusive) with the use of artillery, air defense, tactical aviation and helicopter fire support, combat firing from tanks (BMP, BTR), artillery, air defense, small arms of all systems and species.

The polygon is located 40 km from the city of Nikolaev, 50 km from the Nikolaev airport and 45 km from the military airfield of Kulbakino, but most importantly – next to the Dnieper, where a base for the appropriate category of marine vessels can be built. True, such plans have not been announced yet, but by the end of the year a brigade camp has to be built at the testing site, for which  370 million hryvna (almost $ 15 million) has been allocated. 

Number 4 is a polygon located in a unique natural site – the only desert in Europe “Oleshky Sands”, formally a national nature park. Since October 2015, a significant part of the natural park again, as in the Soviet times, has become a testing ground for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there exercises are regularly conducted using heavy artillery. Given the desolate landscape and the repeatedly expressed readiness of the Kiev authorities to send their military to help Western “peacekeepers” in the hot regions of the world, the appearance here of American “instructors” with experience of war in the Middle East is only a matter of time.

Number 5 is another Black Sea reserve, which is actually planned for destruction for the sake of the military training ground – “Tuzlovsky Limans” in the Odessa region. The polygon is being equipped in the Tatarbunar district, on the shores of the Alibey, Burnas and Karachaus lakes, testing new types of weapons from unmanned aerial vehicles to anti-aircraft missiles. The planned area of ​​the facility is 2570 hectares.

The Kiev authorities constantly insist that there are no foreign military bases on the territory of Ukraine – they say, it is prohibited by the Constitution of the country. However, the technology for circumventing this norm has long been worked out in the process of turning the Yavorovsky landfill (an area of ​​more than 36,000 hectares) into one of the largest NATO bases outside the alliance.

Every year Poroshenko appeals to the Verkhovna Rada for permission to “temporary” stay of foreign armed forces in the framework of “international military exercises”, which continue … 365 days a year.

Several thousand military men from the United States (the main contingent), Canada, Great Britain and Poland, with their armored vehicles and helicopters are permanently deployed at the training ground.

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