EU’s Freedom of Speech: German Network WDR Mocks and Silences its Journalist for not Agreeing With Merkel’s Narrative on Migrant Crisis


August 11th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – by Samer Hussein –


Claudia Zimmermann, German journalist, is under severe pressure after exposing her employer, the German public broadcaster WDR, on forcing its journalist to stick with the pro-government narrative on the migrant crisis.

During an interview with RT Deutsch, Zimmermann said she ran into trouble with the bosses of WDR network, itself part of the ARD’s (main German public broadcaster), regional public-service broadcasters, after she revealed how WDR is forcing its employees to parrot the narrative of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s controversial “open door” policy towards refugees/migrants.

“We are a public broadcaster, we are paid with tax money,  meaning we interpret the government’s point of view and not that of the opposition,” Zimmermann said while being interviewed by the Dutch radio station L1 Limburg back in January 2016, adding that it was expected from WDR to cover Merkel’s migrant policy “in a more positive way.”

“There are various committees that determine the program policies, which instructed the editors to support the Merkel government policy,” Zimmermann added.

The interview went on air right after the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Cologne that were initially blamed on asylum seekers of North African and Middle Eastern origin. 

The violent attacks, many of which were carried out by the newly migrants, outraged the German public and Merkel’s opponents, clearly showing that a significant part of the German society in fact detests the “open door” policy of Merkel.

Although WDR never fired Zimmermann, many of her contributions were turned down or handed over to her colleagues who were also advised to stay away from her and boycott her work. 

The WDR leadership even went as far as to urge its other journalists to sign a public letter, praising the company’s integrity and refuting Zimmermann’s statements as “nonsense.”

Zimmerman also noted that coverage of other topics such as Syria and Donbass is about equally biased, pointing out how one of her colleagues got turned down after she wanted to make a report on life in pro-Assad’s side in the Syrian conflict.

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