Gauland, head of Alternative für Deutschland: drop sanctions, accept Russian Crimea


August 22 – Fort Russ News –

–, translated from German by Tom Winter –

AfD top candidate: first accept annexation.
– On the Crimean question Gauland positions himself with FDP boss Lindner

The AfD top candidate Alexander Gauland wants to end the punitive measures against Russia – and the annexation of the Crimea should be accepted, he said in an interview with rbb. Thus he is of one mind with the FDP leader.

The AfD top candidate Alexander Gauland has put himself behind the proposal of FDP leader Christian Lindner to accept the Russian annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula Crimean initially.

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The conflict was “not to be solved juridically,” Gauland told the rbb: “Whether the annexation of the Crimea was ultimately illegal or not, is already a great dispute among lawyers.” The AfD politician also expressed his support for ending the punitive measures against Russia: “Sanctions to this day have never achieved anything.” […] The sanctions hurt Russia and us both, but they are never bringing back the Crimea.  It would have been better if, in the context of a reorganization of Europe, we had solved these questions peacefully, but to believe that they would bring back the Crimea with sanctions, I find completely off base.”

Lindner had warned of an escalation spiral and an armament contest with Russia. In an interview with the Bild newspaper he had confirmed his demand that the Russian annexation of the Crimea should be set aside from relations with Moscow. “Since there will be no solution in the long term, this conflict should be frozen,” he said.

Gauland counts the party’s internal conflicts as partly responsible for the decreased polling numbers for the AfD. The problem is partly “self-made”: “Sometimes we argue a bit too much … […] And therefore, the internal party disputes, which can not and should not be denied, have already contributed to a certain decline in the electorate.” On the other hand, this culture of bickering is also part of the AfD. He said it was important for the party to lose none of their wings: “But I’ve always pleaded with my friends that we’ll have some pace and quiet through September 24.”

Sabina Matthay spoke with Alexander Gauland.

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