Huge Advancements by Syrian Army and Hezbollah in Western Qalamoun Force ISIS Terrorists to Surrender


August 19th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– SANA – – translated by Samer Hussein –               

Units of the Syrian Army have made new advancements in Jorud Qara and Al Jarajir in western Qalamoun area of Damascus countryside after inflicting heavy losses upon ISIS terrorists in terms of personnel and equipment.

According to the field reports, complete control was established over the hills and heights of Harf Wadi Farah, Ra’s Shabet Al Magharah, Qurnet Shmais, Dawar Khanjar, Shabet Al Souqi, Wadi Dawar Khanjar, Shmais Al Zamrani, Thanaya Al Hariq, Wadi Masoud, Wadi Abu Khdair, Shabet Sourour, Qaber Al Irsali and Kheirbet AlEileh, following intense anti-ISIS operations between Jurod Qara and Al Jarajir.

Dozens of the terrorists were killed and their equipment, weapons and vehicles, destroyed.

Further advancements were later made in direction of Al Arqoub and the area of Rabeit Al Nahhash in western Qalamoun.

Because of these huge advancements, entire gatherings of local ISIS terrorists began to surrender themselves in the vicinity of Al Zamrani crossing, allowing for a complete fire control to be established.

Meanwhile, in the eastern province of Deir Ez Zour, intense strikes against gatherings and positions of ISIS terrorists were conducted.

Heavy air and artillery strikes were carried out against ISIS positions, gatherings and fortifications in Hwaijet Saker, Al Panorama, Hwaijet Al Mura’aia and in the neighborhoods of Al Hamidiyeh, Al Jubailieh and Al Rashidiyeh in Deir Ez Zour city, killing scores of the terrorists.

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