Huge Losses on ISIS Side Reported From Multiple Provinces in Syria


August 20th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– SANA – – translated by Samer Hussein –           

New military gains from several Syrian provinces were reported on Sunday.

In the eastern countryside of the province of Hama, The Army took control over the villages of Al Dkaileh Al Shamaliyeh, Al Dkaileh Al Janoubiyeh and Oum Hartain, in addition to a number of strategic hills south of Oum Hartain. 

10 terrorists and several of their pick-up trucks, carrying machine-guns, were annihilated in the process.

In the eastern countryside of Palmyra, Army units killed 20 ISIS terrorists and destroyed several of their armored vehicles and cars east of the recently liberated town of Sukhneh and in Al Mshairfeh Al Janoubiyeh and Abu Qatour.

Meanwhile, in the eastern province of Deir Ez Zour, Syrian Air Force and the ground units destroyed ISIS gatherings, fortifications and hideouts in the surround areas of the cemeteries, Alloush Hill and in the neighbourhood of Al Howeiqah in Deir Ez Zour city, killing more than 20 ISIS terrorists.

In addition, Syrian and Russian Air Forces carried out series of intense strikes against ISIS positions and fortifications in Wadi Al Tharda, Taliet Aloush, Sarit Jneid, the surrounding areas of the cemeteries, killing a bunch of ISIS terrorists and destroying their weapons, ammunition and armored vehicles.

More strikes were later carried out against ISIS positions and movements in the cemeteries, Al Thardah, Al Panorama, and in the surrounding areas of the Syrian Army Regiment 137, leaving a large number of ISIS terrorists dead or injured, in addition to destroying their positions, fortifications, and weapon caches.

Meanwhile, local sources said that several ISIS terrorists fled the province, among them “Abu Obadah Al Shami,” the head of the so-called “Office of the Caliphate Youth,” along with his family.

The sources added that the ISIS terrorists killed 4 civilians and injured few others on Al Kasra-Abu Khasab road, 70 km northwest of Deir Ez Zour city. 5 civilians were also killed when they were trying to escape from Al Qasabi village, located in the western countryside of Deir Ez Zour, across the Euphrates River.

In the eastern countryside of the southwestern province of As Suwayda, Army units foiled several ISIS infiltration attempts on military border posts, inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists in terms of personnel and equipment.

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