In Poland, memorials to the Red Army are disappearing


August 10, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Novosinform, translated by Tom Winter –

Twenty years ago, Poland had more than 560 memorials to the Red Army outside of the burial grounds. Now there are less than half that number of memorials, the Russian ambassador to Warsaw Sergey Andreev said.

“In 1997, the Polish Council for the Protection of the Memory of Struggle and Martyrdom, together with the Russian Embassy in Poland, compiled a list of all the monuments of the Red Army in the republic outside the military burial grounds and cemeteries, at that time there were 561. Now the representatives of the Institute of National Remembrance say there are 230,” Andreev noted.

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The question of what happened to the others, we have been asking our Polish colleagues for many years, citing the fact that, under the 1994 agreement, any changes in respect of monuments and graves should be carried out in agreement with the Russian side. However, we did not receive an answer, the ambassador noted.

“Moreover, recently we are told that allegedly monuments outside the burial grounds are not covered by this agreement at all, although this contradicts the text of the document and, from our point of view, is an incorrect and unreasonable interpretation of the agreement,” he concluded.

Recall that the President of Poland Duda signed amendments to the law banning the propaganda of communism, which provide for the demolition of Soviet monuments in the republic, on July 17. The updated law states that monuments and other similar objects “can not pay tribute to individuals, organizations, events or dates that symbolize communism or another totalitarian system.”

On July 19, the head of the State Duma’s international affairs committee, Leonid Slutsky, announced that the Israeli Knesset presidium was preparing to discuss an appeal entitled “Tasks for preserving the historical memory of the Second World War.”

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