Indigenous activists seize Canadian operated oil field in Peru


August 23, 2017 – Fort Russ News – by Paul Antonopoulos

Facilities operated by the Canadian Frontera Energy Corp in Peru’s largest oil field has been seized by Indigenous people, in which they made demands that Indigenous rights law be implemented before a renewal contract is signed, according to an Indigenous leader in speaking with Reuters. 

The two-year contract is due to expire next month. Indigenous leaders claim that the government, which is required by law to seek approval from Indigenous people before approving any development plans, has bypassed this process.

“If the government says it’ll carry out prior consultation, we’ll automatically end the protest,” Wilmer Chavez, leader of the community of Los Jardines, told Reuters.

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“We only ask the government to consult prior to bidding for the exploitation rights for 30 years of Lot 192, otherwise our brothers will stand up, they will pull out their spear to rebel,” Aurelio Chino, one of the representatives, also an Indigenous leader from the Pastaza river basin said.

With the previous consultation, the Indigenous communities wanted to establish a relationship that would help the people in the region to build infrastructure and better environmental monitoring, TeleSUR reported.

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