Iran Adopts a new Bill to Combat “US Terrorism” in the Region


August 13th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Iran’s parliament today unanimously approved a draft of the new bill, aimed at countering the US sanctions against Tehran.

240 MPs voted in favor of the new bill, out of a total of 247 who were present at the meeting, with no-one voting against. 

Members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Iranian parliament) were heard shouting “Death to America” ​​after the vote on the bill. 

“The new bill was written carefully in order not to violate the nuclear deal and, at the same time, not allow the other party to exploit the deal to its advantage”, said Abbas Araghji, Iran’s chief negotiator, while addressing the parliament. 

The bill also supports extension of Iranian nuclear program, granting $260 million for the Iranian missile system, further $260 million to support the Quds Force special forces unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, which is responsible for Iranian military operations outside the country, and another $ 260 million to start the two manufacturing projects, one related to nuclear defense and another one to the nuclear fuel engine. 

The Iranian government and the Foreign Ministry both came in support of the new bill which was adopted in the wake of the new US sanctions on Iran, despite the nuclear deal still being valid. 

On July 18th, the US Department of State announced the inclusion of 18 Iranian individuals and entities on its sanctions list due to their supposed ties to Tehran’s missile program which Washington sees as contrary to international agreements. 

According to Iranian side, Washington’s decision on sanctions completely violates the nuclear deal. 

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