Iran threaten US with proportional counter-sanctions


August 2 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Izvestia by Inessa Sinchougova

Tehran has reacted to the adoption of a new American law regulating the operation of the sanctions already imposed and the introduction of new sanctions against Russia, North Korea and Iran. Iran vows to respond proportionally.

The Iranian authorities regard the provisions of the document signed today by US President Donald Trump as contradicting the terms of the previously concluded nuclear deal between the two countries,..

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Trump criticized the law, which was adopted by the US Congress, with an overwhelming majority of votes. The head of the State Department, Rex Tillerson, made it clear that he and the president are both “not enthusiastic” about the legislative initiative of the senators, but they have no right to oppose it with such large-scale support among congressmen.

Trump first of all does not like that the law on sanctions limits his powers and actually deprives him of the opportunity to cancel these measures alone. The very possibility of cancellation remains, but he will have to coordinate his initiative with the congress, and this dramatically reduces the chances that eventually he will succeed in achieving his goal.

However, as analysts noted, and before the passage of the law, Trump, who had the formal right to cancel sanctions – for example, anti-Russian ones – could hardly use it, given the constant pressure from the Democratic Party, low credibility of the population, the drop in popularity ratings, personnel problems in The White House and other factors that do not contribute to the president’s determination to go against other authorities.

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