Israeli Drone Manufacturer Accused of Hitting Armenian Targets on Behalf of Azerbaijan [Video]


August 14th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – by Samer Hussein –

The Israeli Defense Ministry is investigating allegations that Azerbaijan asked an Israeli defense firm to carry out live demonstrations of its suicide drone system, on Artsakh (Armenian Karabagh) Army targets.

On Sunday, the Israeli newspaper Maariv  reported that Aeronautics Defense System, the manufacturer of suicide drone system, sent a team of experts to Azerbaijan to finalize the sale of its Orbiter 1K aircraft.

 The Israeli team was then asked by the Azerbaijani army to test the drones, armed with explosives, on a military position in the Armenian land of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabagh).

Maariv also reports that Aeronautics Defense System firmly denied that any of its drones were actually demonstrated, noting the company never perform this kind of service.

However, the company later admitted that its staff were forced to test one of the drones after being threatened by the Azerbaijanis. No target was hit and no damage was caused, as the target was deliberately missed. 

The complaint against the company was later filed with the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s Export Controls Agency, which is monitoring activities of the country’s defense contractors. 

“Aeronautics markets its products to customers in about 50 different countries,and only in accordance with approval from the Defense Export Controls Agency. The operational action was carried out by the purchaser alone and on its responsibility. Aeronautics has never carried out demonstrations on live targets, and that was true in this case as well,” an official statement from Aeronautics Defense System read.

In a propagandist attempt, the Azerbaijani officials have boasted about the purchase of $5 billion worth of arms from Israel, which were already used on Armenian targets during the April 2016 Karabagh war, when a Harop aircraft, manufactured by the Israel Aerospace Industries, hit a bus and killed seven Armenians on board.

The Artsakh Army said that Azerbaijan used a suicide drone to attack its positions in northeastern Artsakh as recently as July 7. According to Colonel Armen Gyozalian, two soldiers were injured during that attack, though no material damage was caused.

The latest drone incident has naturally sparked controversy in Armenia and its defense ministry is already looking into the matter.


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