Kiev fuming over simplified Russian citizenship for Ukrainians working in Russia


August 2, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

–, translated by Tom Winter –

Kiev is exercised by the rapid transformation of its citizens into Russians. The new law on citizenship in the Russian Federation destroys the foundations of the Bandera ideology, confirming the unity of Russians and Ukrainians.

The law signed by Vladimir Putin, which simplifies the process of acquiring citizenship including (and above all) for Ukrainians, caused a real flurry of emotions in Kiev, among which emotions: panic. In particular, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine did not come up with anything smarter on what to call the Russian law on citizenship, which comes into force on September 1, “discriminatory:” 

“We regard this step as a continuation of legal discrimination and infringement of the rights of citizens of Ukraine, who by virtue of different circumstances live or work in the territory of Russia,” the statement of the foreign ministry of the Kiev junta said. 

Recall that, in accordance with the new normative act in Russia — primarily applied to citizens of Ukraine who wished to obtain a Russian passport — documents confirming the withdrawal from Ukrainian citizenship will not be required. The statement of the person applying will suffice. 

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The fact is that the Ukrainian legislation does not provide a mechanism for withdrawing from Ukrainian citizenship, which was a significant problem in obtaining Russian or other citizenship. It can even be assumed that such an order of things is a completely deliberate obstacle creating problems for those who wish to “vote with their feet” against the state of affairs in “Nenetsk.” 

The department of Pavel Klimkin also urged Ukrainians “not to yield to such provocations.” The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry promises that “in the event of violation of rights and interests, citizens of Ukraine will receive all the necessary consular support in the diplomatic and consular institutions of Ukraine.” What kind of support that applicants for Russian citizenship can get from Ukrainian missions is even difficult to guess. Is that help in rejecting Ukrainian citizenship — but it will be irrelevant come September 1. 

Perhaps in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine they understand the absurdity of their commentary, but the ministry is in any case forced to react to the Russian step, in a situation where there is nothing to cover. 

However, in addition to the Foreign Ministry, many speeches are being made on this issue by Ukrainian officials and politicians, whose professional activity is not affected by it. These comments, as a rule, are filled with hatred for Russia, its leadership, and for those compatriots who will not fail to take advantage of the Russian proposal. Thus, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Kiev junta Arsen Avakov, who, in principle, could not remain silent in this impasse, and, with the usual hysteria, advised the Ukrainians who decide to take advantage of the simplified procedure for obtaining Russia Citizenship, to get out.

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