Kiev totals up the cost of losing Crimea


August 22, 2017 -Fort Russ News –

– Novosinform, translated by Tom Winter –

The financial cost to Ukraine from the loss of the Crimea amounted to 1 trillion, 80 billion, 352 million hryvnia (2.6 trillion rubles at the current rate), said a spokesman of the so-called Office of Public Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Kiev.

The losses were assessed by the guild of appraisers at the request of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Spokesman Mammadov stressed that Scythian gold, archaeological heritage, and works of art were also taken into account.

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In addition, the agency prepared a request to NASA* with a request to assess violations of environmental safety during Russia’s construction of the Crimean bridge. According to the representative of the prosecutor’s office, aerial photographs have already been obtained, and have been submitted for examination.

We recall that in early April, Ukrainian President Poroshenko once again stated that there is no military way to return the Donbass and the Crimea. Later, at the end of June, the Ukrainian president instructed the Constitutional Commission to prepare a draft of changes regarding the status of the Crimea.

It should be noted that after his meeting with Poroshenko, which took place on June 26, French President Macron said that his country “will never recognize Crimea as a part of Russia.” Against the backdrop of such statements, Ukrainian politicians regularly exploit the theme of the Crimea. One of the most ridiculous statements on the Crimean issue was the statement of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Lutsenko, who said that the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office had decided to present Russia an indictment for allegedly illegal use of air and sea spaces in the Crimea.

Meanwhile, while Ukrainian politicians speculate about the future of the Crimea, the Russian State Duma in July approved zeroing out obligations of Crimeans on Ukrainian loans.
* The translator admits inability to discover a Ukrainian agency with this acronym.

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