Lugansk News Round-Up: Reconstruction amidst Ukrainian Blockade


August 14, 2017 – Fort Russ – 

By the Editorial Board of The Cossack Herald – c.e. by J. Arnoldski – 

Ukrainians relentlessly shell frontline towns

On August 2nd, around 9 A.M., the Kirovsky suburb of Donetsk was subjected to artillery shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (UAF). A local resident suffered fragmentation wounds but refused hospitalization, and four houses were damaged.

The next day, on August 3rd, in the area of ​​Pervomaysk, a local resident was also wounded by Ukrainian shelling. The very same day in the morning, Kiev’s mercenaries opened fire on another one of the frontline settlements of the Lugansk People’s Republic, Slavyanoserbsk. As a result of the bombardment, two houses were damaged.

Lugansk People’s Republic celebrates Railwaymen’s Day

The Lugansk Railway has not stopped working for all the time of the conflict in Donbass. This was triumphantly announced by Valery Kuksa, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of the Lugansk People’s Republic.

“The railway has always worked, has never stopped under any circumstances. Even when  Kiev’s security forces entered our territory and the enemy seized certain sections of the railway, and even during bombardments and shelling, the railwaymen have always worked, wagons for loading have been supplied, and railways have been repaired,” the Deputy Minister stressed. According to him, the most difficult experience was keeping the electricity online in 2014.

“At one time the electrification did not work. Throughout the Republic there was no electricity, there was not even water -everyone remembers this. But we had diesel locomotives, diesel trains that drove people to work and back, although at that time few people went. Thus, the railway has never stopped,” Kuksa added.

On August 6th, the railwaymen of the People’s Republic of Lugansk celebrated their professional holiday, Railwaymen’s Day, established by decree of the Head of the LPR, Igor Plotnitsky, and celebrated on the first Sunday of August.

Losing the information war, Kiev wants to block Donbass communications 

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In late July, The Cossack Herald informed our readers that subscribers to the republican mobile communications operator, Lugakom, can make calls to Ukraine. But already on August 2nd, the the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the LPR reported that Ukraine had shut its mobile operators off from the possibility of connecting with the Lugakom numbers.

Ukraine also wants to block TV and radio broadcasting from the DPR and LPR by deploying along the frontline an information countermeasures system that blocks TV and radio signals. According to a statement by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, this system will block analog devices and digital and satellite TV and radio channels from the DPR and LPR. The money for such an installation has been allocated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from reserve funds. 

The Ukrainians need four months to fully install the system. “The desire of the Ukrainian side to drown out our radio stations and TV channels is evidence that Ukraine is losing the information war and Ukrainian propagandists lack ideas,” Roman Bulyshev, the Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of the LPR, commented on the situation. These and similar steps by Kiev grossly violate the Minsk Agreements which call for the complete restoration of socio-economic and communication ties between Donbass and Ukraine.

Reconstruction ongoing in Pervomaysk 

Thanks to Russian support, employees of the housing and communal services of the frontline town of Pervomaysk have restored about 320 buildings destroyed by Ukrainian artillery, Yury Savchenko, the Deputy Head of the Infrastructure Restoration Department of the Pervomaysk Administration, has announced. 

“To date, thanks to the Russian Federation, almost 90 houses of the municipal fund and 30 social infrastructure facilities have already been restored,” he said.

The residents of the affected houses in the private sector were given construction materials and people engaged in restoration, both by themselves and with the help of a brigade created by the Employment Center. As a result, 200 houses have been restored and about 100 houses are waiting for their turn.

Still Anti-Maidan: LPR Berkut announces recruitment drive

The special Berkut unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs  of the LPR has announced that it is recruiting for service in connection with the expansion of personnel. To recall, the Berkut special unit was established in Lugansk on January 16th, 1992. In subsequent years, its soldiers took part in the the most difficult assignments set by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It was Berkut soldiers who were entrusted with maintaining order on the Maidan in Kiev during the mass riots in the fall of 2013 which turned into the armed coup of winter 2014. One of the first decrees of the new leadership that seized power in Kiev was to disband Berkut units and to open criminal cases against a number of special forces officers.

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Golden Eagle Berkut units have been preserved in three former regions of Ukraine: the People’s Republic of Donetsk, the People’s Republic of Lugansk, and the Republic of Crimea of ​​the Russian Federation.

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