Make Slavs Great Again – a discourse against Western hubris


August 8 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Rusvesna – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

 A Czech journalist, Peter Lukesh, has published an unusually fresh article for the current European discourse, in which he tries to answer the question why the West quarrels the Slavic peoples and why they unite them in hatred for Russia.

Many of those who worked in Western countries argue that there is a clear sense of arrogance of the local population towards foreigners, more precisely – people from Eastern Europe, and in general to all Slavs. There are also those who did not go anywhere at all, but statements and actions of the West clearly sows arrogance towards the Slavic world.

Of course, opponents may object that all this is purely subjective perception. So let’s look at the problem objectively, from a scientist’s point of view. Namely – Mr. Victor Timura, who deals with the philosophy of history and published several books on this topic. Mr. Timura writes:

“For the West, the Slavs are inferior and must serve them. The West has always treated the Slavs unkindly and intolerantly. Therefore, we must finally understand that our character and our interests are at odds with the West.”

“The basic life principle of the West consists in expansion, aggression and parasitism on the wealth of the conquered and enslaved peoples. It is on this that the West is still profiting. The slogans about freedom, sovereignty, humanity and human rights are just a diversion, behind which lies aggression and expansion. And all these are led by the United States.

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Now the realization of this vital principle of the West is difficult. The West is facing problems and is experiencing a crisis. Therefore, its aggressiveness is increasing, expansion attempts are becoming more frequent. And again, mainly to the East.

The Western principles of life and existence were always alien to the Slavs. The Slavic life principle is based not on expansion, aggression and parasitism on material resources and natural resources of enslaved peoples, but on one’s own labor.

But the more the social system in the West decays, the more money is invested in expansive and repressive tools. Professional, that is hired, armies can win in marginal battles, but they will not win wars, because even the numerous cordons of special forces can not prevent the demise of a decaying society. “

Mr. Timura, a historian who deals with the ancient history of the Slavs, also argues that the history taught in our schools by our children is purposefully distorted. It was created to match the political forces and interests of the West.

I will give a concrete example, which confirms the words of Mr. Timura. I am referring to the so-called merchant Samo, who allegedly united the Slavs and laid the foundations of the Great Moravian state. Thus, we, the Slavs, are allegorically made to understand that we ourselves have never been able to rule, and that only a man from the West could unite us and rule us.

Monument to Samo in Dubnjan, Czech Republic

In our history, and even in our own time, there is clearly a desire to suppress, diminish and even ridicule absolutely everything that does not correspond to the Western idea of ​​superiority and exclusivity or is inconsistent with the political interests of the West.

The media that play a decisive role in shaping public opinion are under the control of Western owners and therefore obediently disseminate their propaganda. Also public authorities of the West are subordinate to the imperious claims of the West, which provide air time to those who belittle and defame all our own and national, highlighting, first of all, the European and generally the Western.

Thus, the media only extol everything that is located to the west of us. Conversely, the media blacken everything that exists in the East. After all, there is a large Slavic empire of evil!

But in fact, the sin of the ‘Slavic empire’ is that she refuses to recognize the superiority of the West and does not allow them to plunder the country (except for a short while in the weakened 1990s) unlike the Central European vassals.

Many things can be said about Russia and the Russians. For example, you can recall the Russian mafia or Russian vodka, which we are perpetually reminded of. Yes, the Russians are not at all ideal and make a lot of mistakes. But, in spite of everything, they have something extraordinarily valuable – what other Slavic peoples have almost lost.

They have pride! They are proud of the fact that they are Russians, and that they are Slavs! They have pride, that is, a quality that sharply contradicts the mentality of slaves, in which Western propaganda turned us into and continues to transform.

Unfortunately, today, such a miserable slave and servant without a drop of pride is the overwhelming majority of our youth, admiring the West, with all its opportunities offered. However, the depth and very essence of this lie was discovered many centuries ago by Aesop in one of his fables.

The wolf met a fairly well-fed dog and asked how he had become so big and fat. “Man gives me food,” answered the Dog.

“What’s that on your neck?” – asked the Wolf.

“This is the trace from the iron collar, which the master puts on me, putting on a chain.”

The wolf grinned and said: “But for me it’s better to live half-starved than to sit on a chain. I will not exchange freedom for any kind of gingerbread! “

And exactly the same thing happens with our youth, as well as with all the others who leave for the West.

Whether they go for the best work, big money that can be earned there, or for a higher standard of living. And although they receive all this, they are in fact always just fattened dogs, which the owners tied up in their yard.

They will forever remain inferior, and they will be graciously throwing scraps from the master’s table. This abundance is the result of parasitism on their own labor, as well as on the labor of their fathers and mothers working in their homeland for a meager salary in slave barracks owned by Western owners. And parents work there much more and at a much lower salary, in contrast to employees of the same firms in the same positions in the West.

Where is our pride, Slavs?

Did we exchange it for a full belly and for scraps from the master’s table, which our slave owners abandon us? Do we not sell this pride for the Judas thirty pieces of silver, thereby only confirming in the eyes of the slaveholders their theory of our inferiority?

Is he really capable of working hard? Is he not aggressive? He lived in luxury, which is the result of not own labor, but parasitizing on others.

It is foolish and ridiculous to divide people into those who are from the West, and those who are from the East. In fact, people can only be divided into good and not very good. That is, those who think and act on the scale of human constructive values ​​and live the same way, and those who think and act differently, that is, destructively, parasitizing on others.

However, any destruction in the end will inevitably harm the one who makes a bet on it. And this is the way of thinking of the Western world, morally destructive, it begins to slowly turn into a real destruction, into a real disintegration of society that has abandoned human and spiritual constructive values.

Whoever is at war with the sword, he will inevitably perish from the sword! And he will perish in order to free the path to those who are more constructive in spiritual and value terms. To those who are who are spiritually healthier, who has higher values.

The present disintegration of the Western world, which was preceded by internal, moral, value and spiritual decay, can not really be prevented by any mercenary armies or special forces.

Therefore, the powerful empire of the West, standing on the clay feet of non-constructive values, slowly but surely collapses and frees the place of the formerly oppressed Slavs, who bear much more healthy and constructive values ​​from the point of view of true humanity.

However, instead of realizing the true reasons of the current situation and reorienting for the best, the West is becoming more aggressive and repressive. The adopted model of behavior is not so easy to change. As they say, the horse, which is about to die, desperately kicks. And this agonizing horse wants to drag the world into a new big war with Russia.

Slavs, let’s raise our heads! Let’s respect ourselves, because if we do not respect ourselves, then others will not respect us either.

Slavs, let’s at least provide an unspoken resistance to the impudent West, who, despite our protests, continues to feed us with substandard products. Products that are packaged equally, but in quality diametrically different in the West and in the East.

Let’s remember our pride and we will not buy those products. We’d better buy our own locally-made goods. After all, those can not appreciate their own, and much better quality products, they do deserve to be fed with garbage.

This includes media – let’s realize once and for all that they are tools of Western propaganda, because they have Western owners. Let’s finally stop believing what they tell us, about us.

Let’s stop admiring the exclusiveness of the West, under whose protection we supposedly must remain forever, because we can never be independent.

A thousand times repeated propaganda about our inferiority becomes true eventually. We are being forced to impose this truth, so that no one will ever rebel and be free from subordination to the West. That is why the Slavs deliberately quarrel. That is why they are being directed against Russia.

Let’s finally realize all these lies, brothers, and come to your senses!

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