Merkel admits sanction removal would benefit both Russia and Germany


August 29, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– TASS, translated by Tom Winter –

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel (left) at her annual press conference in Berlin”

BERLIN, August 29th. / TASS /. The lifting of sanctions from Russia would benefit both the Russian Federation and Germany, but to abolish restrictive measures it is necessary that a number of conditions be met. This was announced on Tuesday in Berlin by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the annual press conference.

“As you said,” she said, replying to journalists, “it will be good for the Russian economy, as well as for the German economy.”

At the same time, Merkel said that European sanctions against Russia can be lifted only after Kiev regains control of the Donbass.

“The sanctions will then be lifted when the reasons are eliminated: economic sanctions were imposed because of the situation in the east of Ukraine, in the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, where Kiev does not have sovereignty over its own territory,” she said.*

As the Chancellor stated, if the recently agreed truce in the Donbass is stable, “further political decisions can be made on this basis.” “If we can fulfill Minsk agreements, then an opportunity will be created to lift the sanctions,” Merkel added.
*Translator comment: First, no mention of Crimea, and no mention of “International Law” (!), but like many seemingly positive remarks from German politicians, this one is posited on things they know will never ever happen. Doesn’t Merkel have an Intelligence Service? We have to wonder what the Bundesnachrichtendienst is telling her!

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