Murakhovsky: New US base notwithstanding, the Black Sea can no longer be turned into a NATO Lake


August 11, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Pravda, translated by Tom Winter –

NATO can no longer make the Black Sea its enclave – Victor MURAKHOVSKY

In late July, the construction of the Operations Center for a US military base on the Ukrainian coast. The base will be located in Ochakov in the Mykolayiv region. This is one of three construction projects carried out by the 1st mobile construction battalion of the US Navy in the Ukrainian Navy Ochakovo Base, where the 5th surface ship brigade of the Ukrainian Navy now officially is based. Earlier it was reported that the US is also going to supply Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine for about $ 50 million.

Pravda asked Victor Murakhovsky to comment on the situation. He is editor-in-chief of the journal Arsenal of the Fatherland, a member of the expert council of the board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, and a reserve colonel.

– The Pentagon is building a military base in Ochakov. In your opinion, what are the global goals they are pursuing?

– The United States is everywhere trying to establish its presence, supposedly temporary, but, in fact, forever. We see this on the example of the base in Kosovo. This facility came in like a peacekeeping operation, but as a result this base turned into one of the largest in Europe. Now it is used for the transit of weapons and people to different regions, and Europe, and the Middle East, and so on. Therefore, even here, in the guise of the need to improve security during the annual exercises that NATO is carrying out with the participation of Ukraine, the Americans are trying to gain a foothold in a region that is of great interest to them. The United States is especially worried that the Russian inter-agency group is deployed on the Crimean Peninsula.

– That is, the Americans have failed with the Crimea, so they are struggling to catch on the Ukrainian Black Sea coast?

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– Yes exactly. With the Crimea they have a failure, now they want to take revenge. In my opinion, the statement that this facility is being built to ensure joint action during the annual exercises is a cover for the purpose of information noise. It is possible that the center in Ochakov will be used by Americans to conduct reconnaissance. Firstly, radio engineering and cyber intelligence. All this is done in order to try to observe the situation in the Crimea and in the whole water area of the Black Sea.

– Is it likely that in the operational center of the Navy at the Ukrainian naval base the a base of Seal Teams will be located?

– I think that Americans will not do this on a permanent basis. There is no military meaning in this.

– How in general can the appearance of the Navy center at the Ukrainian naval base in Ochakov affect the situation in the region?

– Most of the Black Sea countries are now members of NATO. For us it was once  friendly Bulgaria, once friendly Romania, Greece, as well as Turkey. These are all NATO countries. They tried at the time to include Ukraine in this process, so that the Black Sea would become an internal NATO lake. Now the situation in the military-strategic plan has radically changed. We demonstrated this during the operation in Syria.

And the fact that Crimea is part of Russia completely excludes the possibility of converting the Black Sea into a territory controlled by NATO.
 — Interviewed by Lada Korotun

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