Nazis in Europe – good, Nazis in USA – bad


August 21 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Op-ed by Denis Churilov 

Charlottesville – Putin did it!

Back in 2013-2014, when organized gangs of armed neo-nazis were fighting police in Kiev, Ukraine, the mainstream media was spinning it as “government repressing peaceful democratic protest” and the Obama administration showed them support.

For years, Nazi SS veterans have been conducting their annual marches in the Baltic States (those states are NATO members, by the way; the US oversees and finances their military programs). The media has been ignoring them.

Back in 2016, the United States was among 3 nations that voted against prohibiting the glorification of Nazism at the UN (vote name A/C.3/69/L.56/Rev.1). The media ignored that.

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In 2016; the US, Ukraine and Palau were the three countries that voted against a UN resolution that prohibited the glorification of Nazism. This voting record is from 2014, after which Palau changed their vote to ‘against’ but Canada ‘in favour.’

Come 2017 – Neo-Nazis march in Charlottesville, Virginia, US, and, suddenly, everyone loses their minds, with the media figures indulging in virtue signaling.

Cheap hypocrites. 

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