Netanyahu Meets Putin, Rants About Iran, Putin Ignores Him


August 23rd, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –                   

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has launched a scathing attack on Iran, saying it threatens existence of Israel in the region, after meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in the city of Sochi. 

Netanyahu, who arrived in the company of Mossad chiefs and members of the National Security Council, launched multiple verbal attacks on Iran, accusing it of continuing to threaten the existence of the State of Israel, namely by supporting “terrorist organizations” and developing a nuclear program. 

“The situation in the Middle East is now very dynamic and Iran is making tremendous efforts to strengthen its presence in Syria, which is a threat to Israel, the Middle East, and I believe the whole world too”, Netanyahu said. 

Putin, however, did not respond to Netanyahu’s comments about Iran’s role in Syria. He did not respond about his threats of a possible unilateral military action to prevent the Iranian presence in Syria, either.

Previously, the Israeli media reported that Netanyahu held security consultations with Israeli officials on Tuesday. 

A few days ago, the Israeli network Channel 10 said Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow will be a “storming visit” during which he would discuss the “Iranian presence in Syria.” 

Channel 10 also said the agreement between the United States and Russia on establishing de-escalation zones in the south of Syria “worries Israel because it’s proving the strength of Iran in the region.” 

In the beginning of August, the Israeli Cabinet of Ministers for Security and Military Affairs held its first meeting on the subject of a ceasefire agreement in southern Syria, itself reached by the United States and Russia.

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