New Russia-brokered Ceasefire Agreement Comes in Effect, Civilians to be Treated at Russian and Syrian Military Hospitals


August 4th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– SANA – – translated by Samer Hussein –

The Russian Defense Ministry made an official announcement of a new ceasefire agreement which came in effect yesterday and covers 84 towns and villages in the northern countryside of the central Syrian province of Homs.

According to Igor Konashenkov, a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, the new agreement came in effect yesterday afternoon and covers an area with a population of more than 147,000 people. ISIS and Tahrir Al Sham/Al Nusra front-controlled territories, however, are not included in the agreement.

Konashenkov said the Russian military police will set up 2 checkpoints in the areas of Har Banafsah and Al Dweir, in addition to 3 observation posts in Al Hmeirat, Qubaiybat and Tal Omari. 

The agreement also aims to expel all factions and groups affiliated with ISIS and Tahrir/Al Nusra, as well as reopening the parts of Homs-Hama highway.

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“Units of the Russian military police were entrusted with tasks of separating the conflicting sides, monitoring the implementation of the cessation of hostilities and ensuring the unhindered delivery of humanitarian and medical aid, as well as helping with evacuation of civilians”, Konashenkov was heard saying, adding that the sick and the wounded will receive their necessary treatment at Syrian and Russian military hospitals.

So far, this is the third de-escalation zone agreement that came in effect.

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