“No Future for Erdogan in Syria” – Assad


August 20th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –                     

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad has held a new speech on Sunday. 

Addressing the audience at the conference of the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Assad said Syria has always been a target of those who wish to dominate the region, pointing out that Syria’s positions are some of the main reasons for the war against it, while expressing his gratitude to the friends of Syria. 

He noted that “chapters of history will be written about Iran, Mr. Khamenei, Hezbollah and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah”, while of course not forgetting the support of Russia and also China, asserting that the military achievements of the Syrian Armed Forces was what eventually determined the outcome of the conflict.

The Syrian President said that Russia defended Syria not only by vetoing the questionable resolutions at the UN Security Council, but also by providing direct military aid and humanitarian assistance, in addition to having some of its soldiers martyred when fighting terrorists.

He also praised Iran for providing economical, military and political assistance “without limits.”

“I do not know when we will finally be able to talk about the demise of western projects because the battle with the Muslim Brotherhood and the so-called political Islam, continues”, Assad was heard saying. 

The Syrian President noted that there is no point in restoring relations with western countries and Turkey, unless they finally and completely give up supporting terrorism, stressing that Syria will not allow the terrorists and their supporters to achieve any gains, neither military nor political.

He also stressed that, for particular states, there will be no security cooperation, no embassies reopened and no type of any role in general, despite they might be seeking to restore relations, unless they completely sever their ties with the terrorists.

“We have paid a heavy price in Syria because of the Western hegemony”, Assad said, noting that Arab weight is zero in the international political arena. He then said that the president in the United States is merely an executor of policies, determined by various lobby groups who are the real decision makers.

He stressed that there will be no reconciliation with terrorists and their supporters and that Syria has the right to strike terrorism whenever it needs to do so.

Regarding the Turkish role in Syria, Assad said that Syria sees Turkey just as one of guarantor states, involved in a new de-escalation zones agreement, along with Russia and Iran, and not as a real guarantor of peace and stability in Syria, noting that sudden Turkish cooperation with Russia is also one of the reasons of survival of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He added that Erdogan’s destructive role in Syria will never be forgotten and was eventually what turned Erdogan into a political beggar after his role in supporting terrorism was exposed, and whose future now depends on external powers and the good will of others.

The Syrian President also discussed the ongoing negotiations with the Syrian opposition, stressing that in the past dialogues were often impossible due to unwillingness of the opposition to negotiate and to stop the violent acts, noting that the initiatives launched in humanitarian disguises were aimed at achieving what the opposition and its backers failed to achieve through terrorism, and will naturally be given no chance.

“The true revolutionaries posses the basic human values, but those who describe themselves as revolutionaries are nothing more than scum,” Assad said.

Regarding the recent shifts of Syria policies by certain Western states, Assad noted they are not based on the sense of justice, but rather on circumstances and the situation on the ground. 

Before finishing his speech, Assad said the most dangerous stage of Syrian conflict was during the first year due to sectarianism.

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