On the 238th anniversary of its founding, Gorlovka proclaimed City of Military Glory


August 25, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– RusVesna.su, translated by Tom Winter –

The head of the Donetsk Peoples Republic proclaims the title “City of military glory” for Gorlovka

08/25/2017 – 19:24
Head of DPR awarded Gorlovka the title “City of military glory” 
Celebrations on the occasion of the 238th anniversary of the founding of Gorlovka were held today in the Stirol cultural and sports commercial center.

About 1500 people were gathered in the hall, and Alexander Zakharchenko, head of the DPR, came to congratulate the townspeople along with Mayor Ivan Prikhodko, and deputies of the People’s Council of the Republic.

“With special pride I want to congratulate you on the Day of the City. Gorlovka is one of the cities of the Donetsk Peoples Republic which since 2014 has overcome with honor and dignity all the adversities, troubles and hardships that have fallen to its lot. Here there live special people who know how to fight and work, and who care about the words of purpose and country,” the leader of the Republic said.

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On the occasion of the holiday Gorlovka was awarded the honorary title of “City of Military Glory.” The relevant decree was read by the head of state present, after which he handed over the document to the mayor. Residents met this news with stormy applause.

“Dear people of Gorlovka, this is a small part of how the Republic appreciates you. Thank you all from me, and I am sure from all the cities and villages of our country. A deep bow to you,” Zakharchenko added.

Then the awards ceremony began. The head of the country awarded the mayor of the city a medal “For Labor Valor”, MP of the parliament Alexander Bikadorov and commander of the rocket artillery division Olga Kachura were awarded the title “Honorary Citizen of the City”, six people were awarded the medal of Gorlov (Pyotr Gorlov, Russian engineer-geologist, after whom Gorlovka got its name), third degree. Also for achievements in the professional field, there were desktop medals. Gorlov medals went to the collectives of the Gorlovka Dance Theater, the Gorky Park of Culture and the Central Department of the Central Bank of the DPR.

The event was capped by the creative performance of the famous Russian actor of theater and cinema Sergei Makhovikov. For those present, he performed his own compositions and songs of the war years. The concert lasted about an hour and a half. The festive atmosphere reigned in the hall, and the audience gave the artist an ovation.

On the occasion of conferring the title “City of Military Glory” to Gorlovka, a stele was unveiled with a corresponding inscription at the entrance to the settlement from Donetsk.

It should be noted that the title “City of Military Glory” is appropriated by the Decree of the Head of the People’s Democratic Republic on the initiative of local administrations or citizens of the Republic. In a city that has been awarded the honorary title, a stele with the emblem, and the text of the decree is installed. The  pertinent law of the DPR “On the honorary title of the Donetsk People’s Republic “City of Military Glory” was adopted by the People’s Council on May 6, 2016.

By population, Gorlovka is the third largest city in the DPR. It was founded in 1779. Like most other settlements of Donbass, her name-days are celebrated in one of the most significant holidays for the inhabitants of the region – Miner’s Day. This year, the date fell on August 27.

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