Poroshenko opens investigation on Yuzhmash rockets in North Korea


August 22, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– DeuscheWirtschaftsNachrichten, translated by Tom Winter –

Ukraine: Poroshenko initiates investigation into North Korea missiles

Ukrainian President Poroshenko has to fear for his post. It is about the alleged delivery of rocket technology to North Korea. In addition, the FBI wants to look into the role of Ukraine in the US presidential election.

In connection with the delivery of rocket technology from Ukraine to North Korea, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has instigated an “urgent, thorough, and complete investigation,” reports Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE / RL). That ‘s what the President posted on his Facebook page on August 16. 

The inter-ministerial Commission for Military-technical Cooperation and Export Control as well as the state-owned rocket factory Yuzhmash will take part. This step takes place two days after the publication of a British study giving reason to suspect that the engines for the North Korean missiles could come from a factory in the Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian government had initially rejected the results of the study out of hand and said the Russian secret service could be behind the accusation.

But apparently, the relationship between the US government and the government of Poroshenko has changed. Especially the Neocons, hitherto quite benevolent toward Poroshenko, have sharpened against the Ukrainian President. Poroshenko had come to power after President Yanukovich, who had been supported by Russia, was overthrown and the former Prime Minister Arseni Jazeniuk, favored by the US, did not fulfill the expectations of reforms. Poroshenko not only maintains good contacts in the West, but is also invested in his company in Russia.

But Poroshenko has also failed to combat corruption in Ukraine. On his last visit to Kiev, the US vice president urgently called for a curb on corruption. A relevant EU think tank also has issued a report expressing disillusionment about this situation in Ukraine.

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The neocons had raised a topic in July 2017, which has been little noticed in the US public so far: US Senator Lindsey Graham, in the course of the hearing of the new FBI boss Christopher Wray, had quoted a surprising and detailed report from Politico that Ukraine had actively interfered in the US election campaign to support Hillary Clinton. 

Graham asked:
“Do you agree that Ukraine has no right to interfere in the election?” Wray answered, “I agree.”

The new FBI chief agreed to carry out an investigation in this regard.

The government of Poroshenko had cooperated closely with US vice president Joe Biden during Obama’s time, and Bidens’s son has a post in
a Ukrainian company, which would play a role in the European energy market with fracking.

Graham’s criticism of the Ukrainian government and of Petro Poroshenko is an indication that the Ukrainian president may have come into the Neocons’ crosshairs. 

Thus the report on the missiles for North Korea could be extremely dangerous to Poroshenko, if he can not convincingly disprove the accusations. An FBI investigation could also target Poroschenko’s finances. The conflict between Poroshenko and the Neocons could be related to a man favored in some circles in the West for Poroschenko’s place. It is about the former Georgian President and former Ukrainian governor of Odessa, Mikhail Saakashvili.

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